24 Short Poems To Help You Step Into Your Power And Stay There

1. let me see you at your worst

I’ll do my best to remind you

why you’re beautiful first

because I know feeling deeply

can be quite the curse

2. make it happen

you can’t plan destiny

but you can manifest a dream

if you truly believe in it

hold on tightly to your vision

not what’s holding you back

from reaching it

release that

3. power

the courage to be yourself

in a world constantly trying to shape you

is my personal definition of power

4. luminous

the brightest star can’t be dimmed

by another’s intimidation

of the way it shines

5. silence

never been afraid to speak up

I’ve always been told

to put my foot in my mouth

so when I am quiet

ask yourself, instead of me,

what this is about

6. resilient

keep living

reinvent yourself

over and over again

7. anomaly

on your journey to success

don’t forget the part of yourself

you’d rather not keep

the part of you

that makes you unique

if it reminds you

of being on your knees

remember you are not weak

you’re poetry

and the world needs

your vulnerability

8. fresh air

call it petty, I’ll call it pain

what you’ve taken from me

is nothing to gain

traveling and meeting people

are ways to fend off death

it’d been awhile since I could see

my own breath

9. infinite

sometimes you forget

why you’re fighting

to survive

other nights

you look at the sky

thankful to be alive

10. dare to be different

be who you are

dive into your creativity

talk about it

what’s crazy to one

may be genius to another

believe in your vision

passion breeds inspiration

and collaboration

11. only human

I don’t need attention

why do I crave validation?

is it unfair of me

to want acknowledgment?

today, the world was heavy

and my hands could hold it

but tonight, I am only human

12. gold

wrap yourself in the light

hold on to it, stay there, it’s yours

13. teach me master

I’m always going to be the student eager to learn

questioning why you’re so set on

assuming the role of teacher

when I find us to be

equal mirrors

14. artists

so much content, but are you content?

choose to expand instead of contract

turn your pain into power, progress

don’t question yourself, you’re art

and art was never made to make sense

15. release

I felt a rage

inside of me yesterday

until I picked up a pen

suddenly, I’m breathing again

do the world a favor

stop avoiding your art

no matter how bad it hurts

face it, let it out

16. masked

show emotion, you’re fire for a reason

no one’s going to understand you

unless you ask them to

explain what’s true

be the real you

17. adored

you are sweet, kind

you deserve to be by another’s side

with the same endearing, curious eyes

as yours

18. gratitude

I went around the world and back

and all I could think about

is how lucky I am

you have mine

19. encouragement

persuasion is instilling fear in another

to do something for your own benefit

influence is reminding someone

what they’re made of

encouraging them

to be their best self

this year, I encourage you

to be strategic about it

and adopt the latter tactic

20. perspective

here to make you see

the other side

but only you

can change your mind

21. melt

you are cold

but flying over

the northern hemisphere

made me realize

how beautiful ice is

and I’m fire for a reason

22. forward movement

lovers in the night

you forget how to touch at sunrise

like you, I can’t create poetry

until it’s dark outside

but today, the sun is shining,

and I’m writing this because

only fools are stagnant

23. iceberg

I feel deeply, I feel everything

but my appearance cleverly masks

the complexity, the depth

beneath the surface

there’s so much more to me

than what you see

but if you’re willing to dive

I’ll show you just how deep it gets

24. drive

the road ahead

a temporary cure

starry-eyed, restless

car pedal to the floor

unsure of what’s in store

a series of stop lights forces you

to pump the breaks

green means, yes, go

red means, stop, no

yellow means, slow down,

or hurry up, you’ll make it

well, which one is it?

go fast, be cautious

the in-between

makes you exhausted

wheels in motion

to an unknown destination

you’ll figure out

where you are going

born to go fast

but slow down

it’s meant to last Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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