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Autumn is here. The sun sets earlier than what we have habitually become used to. People put on masks and costumes to temporarily be out of character, or to be anyone but themselves for a day, and everything around us seems to change at lightning speed.

This time of year is stimulating for many as the season calls for sweater weather, snuggling up at bonfires, hot lattes, new booties, sleeping in, feasting, and preparing for the holidays. Experience taught most how to adapt as they jump in piles of leaves laughing while raking the yard.

To others, fall can feel like a quiet, sudden death as they self-reflect and accept loss. The warm, bright world Summer provided turns chaotic and dark quickly. The sun goes to sleep before most walk out of the office, personal tribulations consume, and leaves turn from green to orange, brown, and yellow as they hit the ground.

This time of year has always reminded me it is okay to shed and to walk away from what no longer serves – even if that causes uncertainty and leads to an unfathomable amount of pain.

Perception is a reflection of soul, character, and one’s life journey. If your personal fall resembles the naked branches of the trees, know you’ll bloom again like the flowers in Spring.

Change is essential to growth. Embrace the unpredictability, accept your own painful process, and know opinion can never take away your personal truth. Allow yourself to flourish into a matured, improved version of yourself, but know that it takes time.

New blessings will come as another book closes – even if turning the last page hurts like hell. Take chances, trust your instincts, and fall – whether that be head over heels in love or allowing your knees to hit the floor in defeat.

Seasons are essential not only for the universe… but for us too. TC mark

Kristin Michelle Elizabeth

Author of 'This Will Set Me Free'

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