For The Woman Who Gave Her All, But Still Wasn’t Good Enough

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Cheer up, sweet girl. It’s okay. I know it doesn’t feel that way right now, but trust me, it’s going to be. Maybe not today, but someday, it will.

That day will come when you will realize things actually fell right into place. That day will come when you will be stronger and braver. When you will no longer allow him to treat you that way anymore.

You will no longer allow him to hurt you when all you ever wanted in life was his happiness. You will come to your senses and you will know that you cried over things not worthy of every tear that fell from from your eyes.

One day, you will not give him any more chances to take you for granted and treat you any less than you deserve. You deserve so much more, so much better.

God brought you into this world to taste and experience goodness, joy, rainbows, and sunshine. And trust me, he is not giving you any of those. So walk away, sweet girl.

You have invested so much. You have offered so much and yet, you’re still not good enough for him.

While he is the sole apple of your eye, he can’t even look at you and not utter a lie.

While he is your number one priority, you’re not even on his list of top three.

He has always been the love of your life, and yet, it’s impossible for him to make you his wife.

While he has your full attention, he’s on the other line with a girl having another conversation.

While you worry if he came home safe and sound, he’s still with his friends having another round.

While you’re busy envisioning your future, he’s busy asking for another woman’s picture.

While he is your everything, to him, you’re close to nothing.

Sweet girl, you have given your all. You’ve done your best. And trust me, your best is more than enough… only that, it’s not for him.

Wait patiently for that one deserving man who will only have eyes for you, someone who cannot afford to lie because hurting you will be the last thing he wants.

Wait for that one man who will not make you an option, but someone who will make you his number two, next to no one but God.

Reserve your self, affection, and attention for that one man who will make you the love of his life, the apple of his eye, and his God-given wife.

Wait patiently for that man who will not be able to sleep until you’re home safe, sends you good morning texts since you’re his first thought in the morning, and sends you good night messages to let you know you’re his last.

Reserve your love to that one man who will truly value you, not for what you can offer but for who you truly are. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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