11 Women Reveal The Absolutely Extreme Things They’ve Done In The Name Of Beauty

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image – Flickr / haylee –

Most of us women are familiar with the old saying “pain is beauty“, but that doesn’t even account for the time, money and (typically as a result of trying — and not succeeding at various products and procedures) frustration that are typically par for the cosmetic enhancement course.

As lovely as it is being a woman, let’s face it, we really did not wake up like this … we just didn’t! (But thank you dearly Beyonce for the ego boost. Love you).

We’re all guilty of going to extreme (possibly embarrassing) measures to build up our inner goddess. From life-altering acne treatments to Botox (which some men absolutely hate), we asked 11 real women to dish on the lengths they’ve gone to for self-improvement— and wow, are they intense. One woman used an actual iron to straighten her curly hair! Ouch.

After this we’re almost convinced, we’ve officially heard it all. But we could be wrong, so ladies, leave a comment below and let us know the most outlandish, maybe even agonizing, thing you’ve tolerated —or tolerate—to enhance your beautiful self. No judgement. If it’s crazy enough we may just add it to our list.

  1. I got Accutane. “After a decade of awful skin, I decided to go on Accutane, which meant giving up drinking for seven months and going on birth control, not to mention having to deal with insanely chapped lips. I couldn’t even smile without first applying a coat of Aquaphor!” – Lindsay, 26
  2. I used a blow dryer with at-home waxing. “When I was a teen, my best friend and I experimented with at-home waxing for the first time. When we went to remove the wax, it had cooled too much to stick to the strips. We then used a blowdryer to heat the wax back up (on contact). It was the most painful bonding experience I’ve ever endured, and even left bruises behind. Our (secret) nickname for each other has been ‘Purple’ ever since.” – Nikki, 29
  3. I used breast-pumping lotion. “I bought breast-plumping lotion from Victoria’s Secret and massaged it into my breasts daily. I actually thought I saw a little bit of a difference, but it could have also been a mental thing.” – Jamie, 27
  4. I got a Brazilian… laser style. “I got a full (as in back-door-friendly) Brazilian laser so that I’d never have to shave again. Watch out — a laser shock where the sun don’t shine proved one of the most painful moments of my life!” – Michelle, 29
  5. I used an actual iron on my hair. “When I was younger (in my teenage years), I hated my super curly hair as most girls with curly hair do. So I thought of what in my mind was a brilliant, easy idea for getting straight hair… to iron it with an iron used for clothes! Well, not such a great idea as it turned out as I not only burnt my hair and neck, but also melted the carpet in my hallway!” – Mayra, 31
  6. I shaved my eyebrows. “When I was about 14, I used to shave my eyebrows to prevent a unibrow, which I had to be pretty careful with or I’d shave too much and end up patchy. A few years later, I got the strength to wax.” – Lindsay, 29
  7. I fasle-lashed in high school. “In high school, I spent a brief period of time obsessed with individual false lashes. I would spend about half an hour every two weeks having them put on for a more ‘natural look’.” – Nhya, 25
  8. My hair-removal of choice is needles and electricity. “For as long as I can remember, I’ve been extra self conscious of my excessive hairiness. Thanks to a genius who somehow thought to combine needles and electricity, I no longer have to be. Every few weeks, I sit in a chair holding an ‘Indifferent Electrode’ (a conductor that makes my body an electric cell) as the seemingly sweet woman sitting in the chair next to me sticks a needle into the hair follicles (above my lip, on my chin, boob, belly, finger, toe or any other place where hair grows). She activates the electric current and it surges through my body, sometimes causing tears to flow from my eyes. There’s a buzz and, just like that, another hair is gone. If you ask me, it’s a small price to pay for confidence!” – Veronica, 30
  9. I got chemical straightening. “When I was 16, I endured chemical straightening so i wouldn’t have to straighten my hair every day. It put me out somewhere between three and four hundred bucks, and became a real annoyance because as my hair grew out, so did my curls (which meant having to manually iron it regularly anyway).” – Bianca, 24
  10. I get botox. “I had no idea what to expect from Botox when I first tried it in my mid-20s, but since I’m so expressive when I speak, my face was showing lines early. Now I completely love getting it and think it has taken years off my face. I only go twice a year and am thrilled with the results.” – Kristen, 33
  11. DIY Nair Brazilians. “In college, I couldn’t afford the maintenance of a Brazilian wax, so I began giving myself Nair Brazilians… you learn how to minimize the burning, eventually.” – Kiarra, 21 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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