Here’s To The Childless Women

This December I turn 35.

In 34.5 years, I’ve done a lot for a girl born and raised in Michigan.  I’ve lived six majors cities (including New York), seven states, I’ve had a variety of careers, and I’ve fallen in love a few times.  I’ve had my heart broken, and I’ve called off a wedding to move to San Francisco.

In these 34.5 years, I’ve experienced a lot- yet, for some reason, people only seem to be concerned about the following:

“Do you have kids?”


“Are you married?”


“Have you ever been married?”


“Do you want kids?”


At 34, I think my mind is pretty well made up.

Am I going to suddenly decide I want to birth and care for a child? It’s highly unlikely. I’m still focusing on caring for myself. Sometimes I wonder if I’m even able to have children– you’d think I would have had a slip by now.

Sure, I could accidentally get pregnant, or I could meet a partner who influences me to have a change of heart. Hell, I could simply just change my mind.

I doubt it though.

Being a parent is not easy– and I commend the people who parent with all their heart and soul. It’s a huge job- but it isn’t for everyone.

Here’s to the women who followed their hearts and didn’t sway their decisions because they were told what they “should” do. Here’s to the women who have decided that they didn’t want to take responsibility for another human. Here’s to the women who realized it wasn’t in the child’s best interest for them to take responsibility.

Here’s to the women who are childless- and just because they don’t have a child doesn’t make them any less of a woman.

No matter what you choose, here’s to you- because our own decisions are just that: our own.

Girl on the go.

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