What You Put Out Is What You Get Back

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I dated a guy who seemed to have bad luck follow wherever he went. I spotted it from the first month- for example, he left his sunglasses at home before work and we had to backtrack two blocks to go get them. Another time he got locked in his own bedroom. From getting his phone and iPad stolen to his bed collapsing onto the ground after one month of assembly, it seemed he couldn’t catch a break. Here’s the kicker, though:

He doesn’t believe in spirituality, karma, or fate.

Is this a reason for bad luck? Of course not. However, I’m a firm believer it’s The Law of Attraction.

It’s no one’s fault for being anxious, having stress, or being in a hurry- but when you’re pessimistic with a negative outlook on life, negative things will happen to you.

I’m a good example of this, too. While living in New York I had bad luck with job hunting (“there’s nothing out there”), living in apartments (“my roommate probably wants me out”), and dating (“this will probably be a waste of time”). Due to this outlook, negativity continued to follow me. I couldn’t find work, I lived in three different apartments, and was unlucky in love. I had a difficult time coping, so I turned to negative habits such as excessive drinking, dating, and spending. New York eventually pushed me out, or perhaps I pushed myself out.

Then, I left to take a few months to reassess my life.

Prior to moving to Boston I was extremely optimistic. I knew I would find a job right away (I found a full-time role on my seventh day here) and wasn’t worried about my living situation. I settled into an Airbnb for a couple of weeks while I apartment hunted. On my second weekend in Boston, I received a call from a girl named Brenda. She told me she owned a home and was looking for a roommate. I hadn’t started looking at apartments, but Brenda sounded nice and the situation sounded good. So, on a Saturday afternoon, I hopped into an Uber and headed over to Arlington.

I toured the apartment and sat down with Brenda and Eric, the other roommate at the time. We ended up chatting for an hour or two, and when I left that day I had secured my first Boston-area apartment- on my first attempt.

Brenda is still one of my closest friends today.

Yes, this was good luck. However, it was a reflection of my internal condition, too. A similar situation happened when I found my current apartment. I received an email from a man named Joe, who had a mini-studio on the second floor of his home. As I got to talking with Joe, I discovered he (gasp) takes yoga from Brenda.

The world works in mysterious ways. This is The Law of Attraction, though.

Likes will find each other, and positivity will come to you when you put positive energy out to the Universe. It’s no coincidence that I have found two wonderful landlords who I can now call friends, two landlords who know each other and have similar values to one another and myself. Additionally, I have met so many amazing people here who just happen to have something in common with me, know someone I know, or walk into my life at exactly the right time.

It’s so important to keep the faith. When you’re questioning your life, worrying about tomorrow, or focused on the past, your vibration lowers and your spirituality is being tested.  I still battle negative thinking, but today I know what to do about it. If you raise your vibration, focus on the positive, and have faith in the Universe, everything will be taken care of.

I’m not saying you won’t leave your sunglasses at home or find an apartment that easy, but over the course of my life I have learned that letting go and giving it to the Universe has worked for me 100% of the time. From moving to San Francisco in 2008 to quitting my job in 2013 to be a full-time blogger and freelancer, things have just worked.

If life seems to be getting you down or you’re losing hope, just remember: your thoughts shape your outside world. The Law of Attraction won’t bring you a million dollars if you simply think about it, but it will help attract positivity. When you set a clear intention and continue to keep your vibration high, your life will change in incredible ways.

I am grateful that today I can look around and enjoy all I have created, instead of continually looking up, thinking a good life is out of reach. TC mark

Always lands on her feet.

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