This Is What It’s Really Like To Experience A Twin Flame Relationship

Have you ever seen someone from across the room and knew you needed to talk to them?

Have you been on a first date and felt a sense of home?

Have you later wanted to ring each other’s necks?

…yet you can’t keep away from each other?

You may have experienced a Twin Flame relationship.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day (or perhaps, un-Valentine’s Day), I decided it was finally time to write about one of my favorite topics: twin flames. A twin flame is a person you feel a deep connection with on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. When united with a twin flame, there is a magnetic attraction, as if the two have known one another for years.

A twin flame isn’t to be confused with a soulmate; although both types of relationships are intense and passionate, there’s a big difference between the two. While a soulmate is your perfect match, a twin flame is the yin to your yang. What they have you lack, and vice versa- despite having a lot in common. This is an extremely transformative type of relationship; think of a twin flame as having the growing pains.

You’ll find a lot of overlap, synchronicities, and parallels with your twin flame; from living in the same state at the same time to both being interested in a particular hobby or trade. These commonalities can make you question (and ignore) the turbulent nature of your relationship, thus holding on.

That’s where the interesting part comes in: a twin flame relationship can be one of the most painful experiences you’ll encounter.  So painful that you’ll question why you continue going back, even after it’s ended

This is because the twin flame comes in and out of your life to teach you lessons. 

The lessons your twin flame will unknowingly teach you will bring out the best and the worst in yourself; whether you’re dealing with childhood trauma, addiction, a sense of self-worth, or are going through a spiritual journey, your twin flame will bring these issues to the forefront. You’ll be forced to take a deep, dark look at yourself- and you’ll be forced to work out your issues.

Depending on your own growth and self-discovery, a twin flame relationship can go on for years. The ups and downs, the pain, and the bliss- it’s all a part of the learning experience. As your mirror soul, they will do things that drive you absolutely crazy- and those are commonly the traits you don’t like about yourself.  In the past, I’ve had twin flame relationships where we both drank too much, spent money carelessly, and loved to poke at one another’s weaknesses. We knew how to push each other’s buttons, yet cared for one another no matter what. I wish I knew the term “twin flame” years ago; it would have made me feel a lot less crazy.

Did I learn a lot from my twin flames? Absolutely. Did it make my heart ache? You know it.

From Betty Who to Taylor Swift, there are a variety of songs that remind me of the turbulent essence of a twin flame relationship. It’s not just you that has experienced this type of heartache, we’ve all had that person that comes in and out of your life, causing all kinds of chaos, yet all kinds of joy.

Despite the challenges, there’s a comfort in knowing you’ve met a twin flame. You’ll learn more about yourself than you’ll ever know, so hold on for the ride. It will be worth it in the end. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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