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Setting goals for ourselves is an important part of life. There are so many things we dream of- from an early age our parents encourage us to study hard, succeed in a sport or hobby, and get into a good college. None of those things happen magically, though; we must take steps.

Over the years I have gotten discouraged when I didn’t meet my goals fast enough or see results immediately. I’ve compared myself to others around me, only to question how well I was doing: but comparison is the thief of joy. We each have our own path, and everything happens for a reason. Life will never pan out the way we think it will- the Universe likes to surprise us (and that’s the fun part!).

As I have gotten older I have started to enjoy the journey and stop focusing on the finish line- after all, isn’t life about the little moments?

I’m currently working on a book and hope to become a full-time writer by the end of the year. Writing has been a shining light in my life, and connecting with others gives me great joy and a sense of purpose. Last summer I started reaching out to publishing agents, editors, and other bloggers to connect with to share my work. I made a few connections, but it wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for. That’s because it wasn’t time yet.

I have to remember to have faith and continue to take one step at a time. I know the Universe and God have a plan for me- but they’re not ready to uncover it. I still have pages to write and a journey to walk.

By writing a little each day, sending my work out to other websites, and engaging in personal development, I’m setting myself up for each next step. It’s important to remember to celebrate each and every victory, no matter how big or small!

It’s easy to get impatient. I’ve given up, backtracked, or gotten depressed when things didn’t go exactly as planned. I’ve changed courses only to find myself going right back to what my heart was originally telling me. Your heart will always guide you in the right direction.

Your goals, hopes, and dreams will happen when they’re supposed to happen; so don’t get discouraged. Each day counts. Make a list, chip away a little bit, and try your best. Even when you’re feeling down (like I was), your faith will make you stronger- set your intention, believe, and keep going.

Even when the steps seem difficult to take, remember: they count. Each and every step adds up to something bigger.

Keep climbing and believing in yourself; the world will believe in you too. TC mark

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