Here Are 4 Easily Missed Signs You’re Going Through ‘The Hermit Phase’ And What You Can Do To Combat It

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I spend quite a bit of time by myself. I enjoy walks through the park, solo dining, and writing. However, as I’ve gone through the spiritual awakening process this past year, my alone time has increased.

A lot.

During your awakening, there are an immense amount of new feelings, internal changes, and growing pains that can make it difficult to relate to the “outside world.” You become more empathetic, sensitive, and withdrawn from the world. When we know there’s something bigger out there, the lower energy of the world can make us want to curl up in a shell. With the negativity of the media, natural disasters, and tragedy, you probably want to become even more of a hermit.

I thought I was alone in feeling this way, but then I learned about “The Hermit Phase.” One of my favorite YouTubers, Victor Oddo, described exactly what I have been thinking and feeling. Maybe you’ve experienced this too.

Here are a few main points that resonated with me after watching the video.

1. You become a loner

This is the #1 and most obvious symptom of “The Hermit Phase.” Although I’ve always been a loner, it’s intensified over the past year. I definitely knew I was going through “The Hermit Phase” after spending the holidays by myself this past season. Unlike last year, when I spent my first Christmas here in Boston, I wrote about it, ordered a pizza, and felt sorry for myself. Not this year. I was invited to a few different places for the holidays, but I declined the offers because I wanted to sit, write, and think. Was that healthy? Probably not; but it’s what I needed at the time.

2. It’s hard to stick with things

One minute you have one goal, the next you have another. Maybe you get a new job, and the next you want another. Perhaps you were excited about moving to a new place, and then you decide you want something different. This is completely normal. Just over the past year, I’ve done a variety of jobs- but I know that these fleeting thoughts about what type of work I want aren’t beneficial to my everyday stability. That’s what makes the spiritual process so challenging- you know you need stability, but it sometimes seems impossible when your mind changes all the time.

3. You may drift away from family and friends

As my spiritual awakening began, I made the decision to move to Boston. I was away from everyone I knew; and even though I didn’t have a support system here, I needed time for myself to think.  Instead of interacting with others, I’ve spent an immense amount of time writing, journaling, and reading about spirituality. Drifting away hasn’t made me feel very good, though- I’ve recently been able to reconnect with family and friends, who thankfully understand what I am going through.

4. You become more sensitive

You may be sensitive to crowds, energies, and the everyday world. Just going to a concert this past summer was difficult for me- for whatever reason, I was extremely nervous even though it was something I would normally enjoy. Many people who go through spiritual awakenings are empaths, so know that you’re not alone if you’re feeling this way.

Here’s the good news- you’re growing rapidly, and it will get better.

Although your goals, identity, and life may be changing, it will stabilize. You’ll get out into the world again- step by step. After watching this video, I feel much less alone, and I hope you do, too.  Over the past three weeks, I have experienced so much support from friends and family as I went through “the blues” that it made me realize I didn’t need to be so much of a hermit after all. The world is a safe place, and your tribe is out there.

There are many things you can do to relieve these symptoms of “The Hermit Phase;” yoga, meditation, healthy diet, being out in nature, music, spending time with pets, exercise, and of course, being with trusted friends and family. While we are never “fixed,” we are constantly learning, growing, and becoming stronger- because each struggle brings strength.

Although I know I’ll kick my own hermit phase, I will never give up those walks through the park, solo dining, and writing. TC mark

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