An Expert Advises You On How To Fend Off Negative Energy As An Empath

Being an empath has its challenges, from being stuck in a crowd to everyday interactions. I’m no stranger to picking up energy from those around me- which can be both a blessing and a curse.

Most people who are close to me understand my triggers and need for alone time, but others have taken it very personally. As a highly sensitive person, have you been accused of being selfish, non-compassionate, or withdrawn? If so, I understand- because I’ve been there, too. I used to allow people to treat me badly for the sake of keeping friends in my life, but a few years ago I made a New Years Resolution to stop caring about people who didn’t care about me. These days, I don’t have time for petty drama or fake friends.

Even after being treated poorly by people, I’ve been told I have no compassion. Ah yes, manipulation at its finest! This situation has happened a few times with different people over the past six months or so, but it’s a textbook case of narcissism. After cutting off people who had impure intentions or ulterior motives, I’ve been told I’m not empathetic, too. Ha!

Newsflash: there’s a difference between being “empathetic” and being an “empath.”

It’s inevitable that empaths will experience many challenges when interacting with low vibe people. Although we do what we can to try to see the best in them, help to raise their vibration, and give them second chances, sometimes you need to say goodbye.

There are many things that lower your vibration– from excessive drinking to media consumption, these low vibe things can get someone stuck in a land of negativity. However, just because other people are Debbie Downers doesn’t mean they have to bring you with them! Shielding yourself from negative energy is easier than you think- from crystals to sage, protection is right at your fingertips!


Black Tourmaline 

Black Tourmaline is a well-known stone of protection, shielding you from negative energy and psychic attacks. It’s a powerful grounding stone, connecting you with your spirit. Channeling healing light throughout your body and soul, black tourmaline is a must-have stone to keep at home, wear as jewelry, or keep in your pocket. I have mine sitting on my window sill to protect my home and energy from outside forces!

Clear Quartz

This is the master of all healing crystals! Quartz will help clear your energy, as well as any dense energy from your other crystals, too. Clear quartz will transmute negative energy into positive, protecting from psychic attack and low vibes. It will also bring out optimism, pushing away self-doubt and pessimism. For anyone who is new to healing crystals, clear quartz is one of my must-have recommendations for someone who is just getting started.


This is one of my favorite crystals- not only is it pretty, but it’s also powerful! Fluorite protects against bad vibes, negative people, and curses, shielding from outside attacks. Yes, “black magic” is real! Whether or not you believe in spells and sorcery, fluorite will cleanse and stabilize the aura, absorbing negative energy and reducing stress. It also encourages positivity and will help to raise your vibration!

Incense and Sage

My home wouldn’t be complete without the smell of sage and incense. Known to clear negative energy from the air, I use white sage to purify my cards and crystals, too. No New Moon ritual would be complete without a good smudging, but I also use my sage on a day-to-day basis when I’m feeling dense energy in the air, or I’m in a funk.

I love to light incense during meditation, while I write, and when I get ready for the day. Something is soothing about the scent, and incense is also known to clear negative energy from your space, similar to sage.


Connecting with your higher self, angels, and guides is a wonderful way to protect yourself against daily frustrations that affect your mind, body, and spirit. Each morning I wake up and spend a few minutes in peace; before I make my coffee or get in the shower, I take at least 10 minutes to meditate. This sets the tone for the day and puts my head in a positive space, recharging my soul and brightening my spirit.

There are definitely more positive aspects of being an empath than negative, so once you know how to protect yourself, enjoy this gift! Despite being vulnerable to the energy of others, it can benefit you in more ways than you realize.

Always lands on her feet.

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