Find Someone Who Feels Like An Adventure

Find someone who feels like an adventure. Someone who fills you with an unnatural thrill. Someone who provokes a deep longing within your soul, a sudden pull towards the unknown. They’ll show you the excitement to be found in the unexplored, the wonder to be found while wandering. They’ll tear the map out of your hands and introduce you to uncharted paths.

It may be frightening at first, but they’ll be there to reassure you, to take your hand, to follow you at your own pace. They’ll coax you along the trail, having total faith in you. You may not believe you have the strength to keep going forward, but they’ll show you how strong and courageous you truly are. They’ll help you hone your inner lion or lioness. Bravery will seep from your bones into your veins, every step and every heartbeat a new journey of growth.

Find someone who will encourage you to push your limits, to cross boundaries, to hop fences. Find someone who won’t allow you to settle for the mundane.

Soon you’ll be filled with passion, with conviction, with sheer exhilaration. You’ll realize how much power you truly hold within you. You’ll take the reigns and mould your life into the life you’ve always dreamed of.

You will surely evolve. You’ll see new things, feel new things. Inspiration will flow from you like a waterfall. You’ll desire to keep going, to keep exploring, to keep growing. And they’ll be there beside you, supporting you wholeheartedly while experiencing their own evolution. With each new escapade, you’ll grow, and you’ll grow together. And everything will feel so, so right.

Because when you find your adventure, you’ll also find your home. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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