He’s Not Losing Sleep Over You, So Stop Waiting Up For Him

Bart Scholliers

You keep checking your phone.

It gets to the point you swear you felt it vibrate or you heard a sound, but it was in your head.

Finally…a text message.

Oh wait, it’s from your friend. She’s asking what your plans are for the night.

You’re excited to go out and hope a few drinks will clear your mind.

While you’re getting an outfit together and putting on your makeup, your eyes keep looking towards your phone.

*iPhone message tone*

You quickly grab your phone and check the messages. It’s your friend again letting you know she’s on her way to your place.

You start to get anxious.

*iPhone message tone*

Your heart races as you type in your password.

It’s still not HIM.

It’s another text from your friend telling you she’s about 10 minutes away.

You have a heavy feeling in your chest as you put the phone back down.

Thoughts start racing through your head.

“Is he busy?”
“Is he driving?”
“Maybe he’s taking a nap.”
“He’s still at work and can’t check his phone.”

You find yourself again digging a hole and filling it up with lame excuses.

Hate to break it you darling, he doesn’t care about you.

He probably saw your text and never bothered to reply back.

As you waste your time being anxious about getting a text back, he probably isn’t even thinking about you.

If this sounds familiar, you need to take a step back and evaluate your situation.

Why are you getting worked up about someone who hasn’t probably thought about you in the past few weeks?

Why are you relying on a text back to make you happy?

He doesn’t matter.

He’s a waste of time.

Stop wasting money on new outfits, new makeup, and getting your hair done.

He won’t notice because he doesn’t care.

Stop rearranging your schedule and going out of your way to make accommodations to see him.

He’s not doing the same for you.

Stop being nice to someone who doesn’t give you anything in return.

You’re just feeding their ego because you’re showing them that you want their attention.

Stop hooking up with that person in hopes that they’ll finally fall for you.

They’re using your body and being selfish.

They’re going to leave you laying in your bed questioning everything in life as they drive away from your place not thinking about you.

Stop letting him come over when you keep promising yourself you won’t talk to him anymore.

You’re hurting yourself.

You deserve to be taken out on a REAL date, given flowers, and told how beautiful you are.

Someone should be telling you how lucky they are to know you.

Someone should be holding you close and making you feel comforted.

Someone should be calling you to ask your about your day.

Someone should be bringing you up instead of making you feel down.

Someone shouldn’t hurt you or make you feel insecure.

That good person is out there but you’re too hung up on the wrong people.

Delete his number.

Block all his social media accounts.

Go find you someone that will treat you right. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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