9 Valuable Life Lessons We Can All Learn From Disney Movies

Disney movies are enchanting for kids and adults. As a kid, we may not get all the life lessons we’re supposed to but, we do know the stories take us to a “A Whole New World.” We know that we’re fascinated by magic and drawn to the heroes, princesses, and even evil villains. As adults, we finally understand what those stories are trying to tell us. Our favorite Disney tales have influenced how we look at the world and ourselves. The magic truly takes us back to a place we wish to relive again. Here are some truly valuable life lessons we can reflect on from childhood:

1. Snow White

Love what you already see in the mirror. Age gracefully, as vanity may get you into trouble. 

2. Mulan

Go to the edge of earth to fight for what you believe in. You may have to bend the rules for a noble cause.

3. Pocahontas

Get back to nature. Treat all living creatures with respect and of course, always “listen to your heart.”

4. Aladdin

Be open to change and adopt new laws (Princesses should choose their own prince).

5. Cinderella

Work first, play later. Also known as: chores first, then you can go to the ball. And, you will inevitable find a handsome prince.

6. Tarzan

If you don’t fit in, look for “strangers like you.” Don’t be constrained by you’re the first community you find yourself in. Explore more and you’ll find the place you want to belong. 

7. Hunchback of Notre Dame

Do not fear what or who is different. Protect those in need of sanctuary. 

8. Beauty and The Beast

Inner beauty is the most important kind. Seek to be known for it.

9. Peter Pan

You can grow up and be responsible but, don’t ever stop dreaming, believing and imagining. 

Thank you Disney for always giving us family movies that give us hope, teach us lessons, and show us anything is possible. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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