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When They Say You’ll Find Someone Better

What does it mean to say, “You’ll find someone better?”
It’s a phrase I’ve been hearing a lot.
Does it mean that all the times that we spent together
Will in the future be forgotten?

All our hugs and our kisses, our smiles and wishes,
Will they become memories I can’t recall?
All the nights and all the days when I basked in your embrace,
Will I remember that those happened at all?
Does it mean that I will find someone else of my kind
And that we were never meant to be?
Or do you mean to say that someone will treat me the way
That you would never think of treating me?

Although to be fair, I know it’s because you care,
You said it thinking only of the best.
We weren’t making sense, and in the interest of staying friends,
You saw it fit to lay this matter to rest.
And not knowing what to say right before we walked away,
You thought that this was just a harmless phrase.
You said it to be nice, not wanting to be cold as ice,
In being done with our awkward phase.

But what you don’t understand when hearing this firsthand
Is that it causes a lot of confusion.
Were you not worth getting to know? Were my standards set too low
And my feelings for you are an illusion?
Did I deserve more than what you had in store?
Was it foolish to think you were amazing?
Was I wrong in what I saw? A person inspiring awe
Who with one look sent my heart racing.

Your beauty and your grace put only smiles on my face
And your touch always wiped my thoughts away.
One look in your direction, one glance at your perfection
And the sun shone brighter for that day.
But I know I can’t pretend; our time is at its end
I know the meaning of our last goodbye
But I’d rather stay alone, spending months on my own
Than forget all there was of you and I.

Maybe in the future I’ll be lucky and I’ll find
Someone else, and we’ll be happy together.
But know that you’re unique; you’re one of a kind,
And honestly, what could be better?

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