Finessional Should Be A Career Choice

Finessional should be a career choice, or at least a skill on your resume. It’s the only way to survive post graduate life. I graduated three months ago and finessing is the most valuable skill I’ve learned through my four years of higher learning. I really wanted to share the best and most successful finesse I’ve accomplished while in school. The email that let me know I could literally do whatever I put my mind to, basically anything I wanted I could have.

I was terrible at math and decided to put it off until second semester junior year. At this point I had gained a very very good friend that happened to be a math major. She had been taking everyone’s math courses and I’d figured we were close enough she’d take mine for free. I attended all of the class sessions and she texted me all of the answers. The final came around and I don’t really know where I got the bright idea to just not show up and have her take the entire thing for me. I guess I assumed my professor didn’t think a shit less of me because I sat in the back anyways. WRONG. He calls me within the next couple of days and tells me he knows someone else took the final for me because my super genius friend got all of the answers correct. Obviously, I played flabbergasted. He called me in for a meeting and I tried everything I could from crying to lying. Finally, he offers me one deal. He told me to write him a letter of apology.

“It better convince me or I am submitting your name to the board for expulsion” he said.


After explaining to numerous friends who could come up with nothing so I channeled my inner Breakfast Club and this is the letter that got me off the hook.


An apology is an; admission of error or discourtesy accompanied by an expression of regret, so here is mine.

Throughout the course of my college career, I believe I’ve learned things that will only prepare me for the future in the best ways possible. With my learning experience and the life tools I’ve recently become equipped with, I’ve learned that great growth doesn’t come into your life through mountaintop experiences, but it comes through the valleys where you feel limited and vulnerable.

I completely understand that my actions on the day of the final were in fact a reflection of immaturity, for when I knew something was wrong, I should have informed you. I chose to allow my embarrassing situation take control and understand that in life you cannot allow one mishap to dictate your future. I appreciate you for even sitting and speaking with me, as many professors would not be as understanding. Insulting you, was never my intentions and you must know that my character is not flawed enough to ever want to hurt you. As a family member, and more importantly a sister, please understand how disturbing it is to watch me, the little sister, encounter some of the problems my parents tried to shield me from. She does understand that her solution to the problem was not the most thorough and this too has caused her to reflect on her decision making as she is not yet a veteran in adulthood with the best advice.

However; the situation plays out, you must know that I take full responsibility for my actions and will cherish this lesson for years to come. I’ve learned a lot from you, wether it be through your particular grading scale which taught me to always check my work. Or that attendance is important because every lesson is essential to the quizzes. It is unfortunate that I’ve allowed myself to be in this position; however, I understand that God wouldn’t put me through anything I couldn’t handle. I appreciate the experience, in every tear there is a blessing, and with that blessing there is always a lesson. I truly do apologize and hope this email suffices.

Warm Regards,

He passed me and also did not submit my name. From then on I felt like the alchemist, like I understood my personal legend, like the language of the world was just that clear. Finessing is an art used to propel you from point A to point B. It is not an end goal but as long as you use it wisely you can rule the world. Fake it till you make it 20 somethings, it will work out exactly how it’s supposed to. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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