Sometimes You Just Need A Fresh Start In A New Town

Sometimes you just need a fresh start in a new town with new faces.  It’s not always because the town you live in isn’t kind or that your family and friends aren’t supportive. Sometimes it just comes down to yearning for a change in your soul. You have grown up in the same town, raised your children in the same town, and have amazing connections in the same town.

Maybe you’ve been told that every town is the same and it’s what you make it. I agree with this statement to a degree, but what if your mind and body desire a change? Don’t you deserve that? Are you wrong for wanting to go against the grain?

You have done your very best at growing, self-reflecting, and giving to this town, but now you feel suffocated in repetitive past hurt that haunts you. You feel anchored to not exploring your deepest passions in this town. You feel isolated in not becoming the person you are meant to be. At times, this town feels like the Hotel California—you can come in, but you can’t leave.

Maybe you moved away a few times in the past, but you always came back. Thinking about what could have been will not serve you well, but I am sure you have days where you ask, “Why?” After a series of many unfortunate events in your life, you can’t blame it on the picturesque town, but your heart sings for a new song, a new bed, a new home, and new sidewalks to walk down.

Age is a number, but time never stops, and perhaps you need to discover the person you are meant to be independent of this town. You are restless, you need anonymity, and you need to leave the place filled with memories. You are ready to challenge yourself, get out of your comfort zone, and fall in love with life again!

Guess what? You are still young and healthy. Maybe you struggle with depression, but you are ready for a new adventure! The routine of this life is killing your spirit, and you aspire for new experiences, new people, and new opportunities.

I am sure starting over can be stressful, but it can also be a beautiful new beginning and inspirational for new hopes and dreams. It’s time to celebrate this decision when it comes time to move instead of being condemned for making a mistake.

Everyone goes through changes in their lives, whether it be aging, parenting, retirement, breakups, the death of a loved one, or a new job. Everyone reacts differently to change, but you may feel something is missing, and you need a new journey in life.

The limitations you feel in this town, whether self-imposed or not, are limiting your quality of life. You feel constrained in the same loop of the same choices, the same problems resulting in the same outcomes.

It’s time to reboot your system that will change your perspective, motivation, outlook, self-esteem, and confidence. You are ready to invest in YOU and not the opinion of others.

You are ready to set goals for yourself and not waste any more of your life living for other people.  You are ready to break free of the plateau that your life has become in this town. You are ready to move away, have a fresh start, and live the rest of your life in a new town. Go for it!

You can achieve anything you set your mind to at any age

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