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If You’re Looking For Spiritual Growth, Start By Changing Your Mindset

Negative situations are a fact of life. How do we accept that there are positive and negative outcomes in life and not get internally disturbed by it? This world is made of dualities, much like night and day, and we need to accept this by cultivating our inner self. This means embracing a state of positivity no matter what the external circumstances are. We need to go on a spiritual journey and find our inner enrichment.

When something negative happens in your life, take it as a test. Challenge yourself to not harbor negativity and respond in a positive way.  Practice controlling your thoughts to generate a good outcome. Every one of us has enemies and makes bad decisions, and sometimes evil situations happen, but spiritual progress comes from seeing these situations as a learning experience to grow.

Happiness does not come from any material belonging or another person. We think our happiness comes from fulfilling a desire. Living in this mentality is like sweet poison, because once we attain our desires, it’s finished, and then our soul creates another one. The problem arises when the pleasure ends and the soul continually tries to create more desires that will not last. It’s like trying to quench a fire with oil—the more you satiate it, the bigger it gets.

The solution is to understand that the happiness you are seeking is not in the desire. Turn inward instead of outward. We are careless with our thought process by harboring hatred, envy, resentment, and fear.

These are unwholesome thoughts because they are not healthy for us. Start to practice the reverse of these thoughts to neutralize them. Our repetitive thoughts have created channels in our minds that are unproductive. We analyze our situations and we analyze our lives to a nauseating level.

The treacherous pathways of destruction to our own inability to see the positives create misery. We need to be careful; we need to be aware of these negative thoughts and change them into something blissful. What is the benefit of choosing misery? What is the benefit of choosing a happy thought? Wouldn’t you rather feel uplifted? Wouldn’t you rather have a happy feeling inside of you that creates a smile?

We are governed by our habits. Cutting these negative habits is not easy, but when we start thinking good of others, giving others the benefit of the doubt, and being kind, you will see your life quickly change.

Our thoughts, ideas, beliefs, aspirations, and attachments are what causes tension in our minds. How do we purify our minds while living amid chaos and turmoil? Maybe to some, it is a simple gesture of allowing your mind to go quiet and speaking to God. To others, it may be simplifying your life of material things. Some people may find comfort in meditation and fasting. Finding that place of peace in your mind with the utmost faith in a positive outcome is a detachment from the material environment. After all, you are truly the only one who can break your heart.

Once you can find a way to reverse your thoughts to be positive, regardless of what is happening, your inner mind will become cleansed and healed.

You can achieve anything you set your mind to at any age

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