The Good Ones Are Always Taken Too Soon

How much can one body take? Why must one person who gives so freely endure so much pain? Death does not seem to discriminate, but maybe it should.

Bad things happen to good people. Somehow this is presumed to make us feel better. When we are watching someone die, we are supposed to reach down in our soul and try to comprehend why wicked people flourish and valuable people perish.

We feel a helpless sense of loss, a feeling of injustice, and anger about why this is happening. They made the world a better place, and now suddenly they are gone. Why does God let this happen?

We lost someone precious. We are devastated, and our hearts are ripped apart and left with an empty hole. We feel robbed, and our lives are turned upside down with a pain and sorrow that is burned in our memory. Aren’t the stages of life being young, being an adult, and then being old? Isn’t there an unwritten promise when we are born that we will have a long life? Aren’t we born with a quality of life that includes struggle, happiness, successes, and losses, but nonetheless, a complete life cycle?

They were optimistic and hopeful, even through their chronic pain and compromised immune system. Their pain made them suffer, not only physically but also because of a loss of identity that made them detach from things that once brought meaning to their life. Their pain brought a rupture of isolation that was rewarded with years of struggle. Why do good people suffer?

How do we comprehend how God can create difficult roads for people who choose love, who give love? There is a mystery in the unknown as to why beautiful souls are denied God’s gift of health. How do loved ones left behind find peace and comfort in the chaos of living beyond and trying to find a deeper truth to their own life?

Do we peel back the layers of our true selves to find strength and glory in our sorrow and pain? Do we walk with the angels moment by moment to see the prayer in the transformation of peace and calmness in our hearts? Good people are not immune to sickness and are often the innocent victims of bad things. The good news is, there shall be no more pain and they have earned their sleep.

They were taught to love and fight in the face of great adversity with a kind heart and a legacy of limitless strength. From what I hear, heaven is a beautiful place. From what I hear, heaven is a magnificent location where the weight of all your trauma is released and all your desires are manifested into paradise. Good people die in a flawed world with the pressure of history, the pressure of cultural boundaries, and the pressure of betrayal.

From what I hear, heaven is a new world of serendipity, a place of complete freedom. Amazing people die too early, but the legacy they left behind is full of love, generosity, laughter, and memories to cherish for generations. From what I hear, heaven is a beautiful place.

You can achieve anything you set your mind to at any age

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