Now Is The Time To Take A Leap Of Faith

I encourage everyone to take a leap of faith, change careers, move to a different town, take up a new hobby, tell someone you love them, do something uncharacteristic of you, and take a chance.

What if you apply for that dream job and get turned down? What if you tell that special someone that you love them and they reject you? Here is my question for you: What if you get that dream job? What if that special person reciprocates your feelings? Put yourself in a place of power without fear of rejection or fear of failure. How great would It feel to achieve what your heart desires? Maybe you will get rejected or fail, but you will still win in the end.

Just by walking into the unknown and giving up control, you have won. If you get rejected after you open your heart to someone, there is someone else waiting in the wings who is better suited for you. If you put together the best resume and got turned away at a job interview, there is another wonderful opportunity coming soon. The amazing part in all of this is that you allowed yourself to be vulnerable. You walked in terror and faced it head on, regardless of the outcome. You empowered yourself, you took charge, you trusted and had faith in your abilities to be a warrior in life. Sometimes hardships, rejections, and failures lead you to your destination.

If you leave your fate on the doorstep of the gurus who make money off your heartbreak and tell you to go into “no contact” after a breakup, you will be holding on and lonely with great sadness. If you love that person, tell them! If the feelings aren’t returned, then walk away knowing that you had the courage to open your heart and God will bring the right person now, someone who is extraordinary. If you wait for the right job opportunity to fall in your lap, you will wait forever. You can make 100 vision boards, visualize, meditate, and affirm your intentions, but if you don’t take assertive action, nothing will change. Yes, you may fall flat on your face, but that is part of life, part of the journey of learning and becoming strong to lead you to the person you are destined to be.

Taking chances is frightening at any age but necessary to achieve love, to achieve success, to achieve health and abundance. Maybe start small by joining a gym or signing up for an art class. Find what resonates with you and go for it! We have one precious life to live and one precious life to be free, so don’t allow yourself to be chained by fear—it’s wasted energy. Once you start taking steps of change and leaps of faith, you will see that your life will be put in the direct path of all you desire. There are no coincidences in life. You choose how you live and who is a part of your world. Start choosing a life of magnificent moments and take that leap of faith into greatness.

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