It’s Time To Stop, Smile, and Breathe

Stop, smile, and breathe.

If only these words were that simple to execute in daily life. We have become so attached to the struggle of reality instead of to the acceptance of what is and moving forward. We often hold back from accepting our current challenges and create a victim mindset. We feel afraid of letting go of all the obsessing, pining, and fixated thoughts and we invest in playing mental gymnastics in our heads.

When we are born, we truly have no limitations in our minds and spirits. Somewhere along the line, we become fearful creatures and accept all these rules and limitations in our lives instead of the unlimited possibilities of our destinies. We are deeply chained down in our hearts and minds, like a prisoner to repetitive outcomes.

Maybe it’s time to get in touch with our inner child to begin to break through the oceans of truth in order to conceptualize the amazing opportunities in this reality. It’s time to dig deep into our subconscious and make the necessary changes and start focusing on our hearts and souls instead of the negative environment around us. It’s time to bring healing forces into our beings and let go of the pain and sorrows of this world. Practice divine compassion, empathy, and love, and let that be the powerful force that guides our true intentions to conquer all of our desires in life.

When we live in a foundation of fear, we base our decisions on fear. It’s time to focus on a foundation of trust, confidence, patience, and compassion. I often compare life to a butterfly—if the butterfly returns to us, then it’s truly meant to be. Our lives have endless possibilities, but much like the butterfly that transforms from a caterpillar, we must let go of the control that we so deeply fight to maintain to finally see the beauty of the transformation once it returns.

When we force everything in our lives, we live in misery, and nothing we desire transpires into reality. Then we start looking around and blaming everyone else for our misery. At some point, we need to surrender our egos willingly and humble ourselves to make positive changes. It all starts when we simply stop, smile and breathe.

You can achieve anything you set your mind to at any age

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