How To Finally Set Yourself Free

Everyone wants to be free, to work to overcome themselves to be happy. When you analyze your life repeatedly, you will suffer. Stop reliving old memories keeping you in the past, keeping you depressed, and create new thoughts. Be greater than your emotions, liberate your energy, and live in the present moment. Still your body and open your mind to new possibilities and become free. Learn to look at your limiting beliefs and how they are controlling your life and have the courage to be realistic to change them.

Stop living in guilt, shame, and unworthiness and update your story. Find someone who has been through similar situations but got beyond it. Study how they moved on and educate yourself to be happy. Find out what it is that you want to do in life and go after it. Finding your passion in life takes work—keep reading, keep discovering, and keep taking chances. Use your heart as your guide instead of your mind—you will get better advice from your heart to follow your dreams. Start being proactive and take control and stop complaining about your circumstances. Be true to who you are and stop comparing yourself to others; stop trying to duplicate their lives. Hold yourself to the highest conduct and stop putting your life on hold.

So many people have been through heartache and tragedy time and time again, but they didn’t give up on life or love—they had a characteristic in their personality to be persistent, to forgive and to let go of the past and move forward and trust. Create a new future and learn how to settle your past emotions, how to break the addiction. Climb out of your body and overcome the pain of the person who betrayed you, let you down, or left you. Remember that the universe works in mysterious ways—learn to embrace where and who you are in life and trust that things will work in your favor. Life is a journey, and you may go through nasty storms that will unload a heap of confusion, but those storms will pass. Let go of your unhealthy past, attachments, and relationships and spend more time with people who support and enable you. Connect with old friends, fall in love with you, try new things, don’t settle, and find a mentor to learn from.

Forgiveness is liberating because you take the attention away from those that hurt you and you start to have compassion for them. That is freedom! Forgiveness gives you permission to move on and it also gives them permission to show up differently in your life because you broke the chains that bound you together. All of a sudden your world will change for the better and miraculously that person who hurt you in the past shows up at your door to apologize and ask for forgiveness. But now, you are a new person, and you’re looking at that person who caused you tremendous pain and you are thanking them for hurting you because it made you into a new liberated and free person. You don’t always have to be clear on your goals and passions, just start doing things that interest you and allow that to lead you to feel energized about your life and future. Laugh more, embrace disappointments, get into nature, welcome change, stop criticizing others, let loose, take risks, challenge yourself, and love others, because you are free.

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