Now Is The Time To Listen To Your Heart

Your life didn’t turn out the way you thought it would or wanted it to. Maybe you are a single parent having to pick up the slack of being a mother and a father; maybe you are feeling like your best days are behind you. You’re aging, your body isn’t as young as it used to be, and you’re living paycheck to paycheck—just breathe.

Inside, you’re screaming. You want to experience life in a way you never have. You want to walk barefoot on the beach, skydive out of a plane, or just lay in the middle of a lake on a float without a care in the world. What’s stopping you? Is it money, time, responsibilities, age, fear, or some stupid unwritten rule that you were programmed to follow to live a certain structured life?

Life is a crazy parade of moments meant to live, meant to smile at, meant to feel.  Stop finding reasons to not live the life you desire . Dream about having that beautiful lake home, that fit body, or that amazing relationship that you want and feel it! Get beyond your own limiting beliefs of “I can’t,” “I won’t,” or “that will never happen” and start believing with unwavering confidence that you can.

Always believe your heart over your mind. Your mind will try to convince you to abandon your dreams, but your heart will be the truthful fighter. Be that dreamer; be that person who lives in the moment and stop limiting yourself from life. Stop asking for advice from others, listen to your own heart, and break away from what is comfortable. Become uncomfortable.

The most interesting, fun, and adventurous people you came in contact with in life didn’t have the most money or have an easy life, they just had a magnetic energy for life that radiated throughout their whole body, an energy that didn’t accept no for an answer and trusted the universe to bring them happiness because they deserved it.

So if not today, then when?

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