I’ve Grown Too Strong To Take You Back

I’ve grown too strong to slip back into the abyss of self-doubt and unworthiness.

I’ve taken control of my life to see endless possibilities instead of dead-end roads. I’ve nurtured my soul and found a reason to smile again. I’ve sat in my sadness and learned to overcome the spiraling fears of loneliness. I’ve trained myself to be assertive and no longer be used as a doormat. I’ve learned to embrace the moment instead of being depressed over my past. I’ve let go of people I’ve loved with all my heart to comprehend that I need to love myself more. I’ve taken chances and got out of my comfort zone to see miracles occur before my eyes. I’ve listened to my own gut instead of being persuaded by other people’s beliefs.

I’ve set goals for myself that seem unattainable, but I trust the universe to help guide me to completion. I’ve opened my heart to new people and new experiences when my heart was broken. I’ve grown too strong to allow you back into my life again.

This journey has not been easy, and healing from you has been riddled with sadness and utter pain in my soul. I made myself vulnerable to you and formed a strong bond that wasn’t easy for me. I had to learn to let go when all I wanted was to hold on to you. I wanted to give up moving forward because I couldn’t breathe without the thought of you next to me. I allowed myself to cry while listening to music and not deny myself the hole left in my heart. I accepted and embraced change even though I secretly wished for your return. I recognized my vulnerability and days I was spiraling and asked for help. I focused on self-care and started to journal, go for long walks, exercise, and not obsess over things that I could not control. I embraced hope and cherished an unwavering positivity for my future.

I’ve reclaimed my life and swapped out unhealthy habits with healthy ones. I’ve reclaimed my life and gave myself permission to be imperfect, instead of always trying to please others. I’ve reclaimed my life and found a comfort and warmth within myself to rely on. I’ve reclaimed my life to see beauty from pain and be renewed in self-empowerment. I’ve reclaimed my life by finding the balance between my mind and my heart to find insight to persevere. I’ve reclaimed my life when I stopped blaming myself for people walking away and not take it personally.

I’ve reclaimed my life by rediscovering my own identity independent of anyone else and peeled back the layers to my soul. I’ve reclaimed my life by facing the trauma from my past head-on and thanking the hard times for molding me into the person I am now. I’ve reclaimed my life by having a circle of support I can trust and share my thoughts and feelings with. I’ve reclaimed my life by keeping myself busy, putting you behind me and moving on.

You were my true love, my soul mate, you were that feeling of home to me, but I’ve grown too strong to allow you back.

You can achieve anything you set your mind to at any age

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