Hey Girl, You’re Going To Be Alright

Are you struggling to make sense of why you see everyone around you in a loving relationship and you’re still single? Are you that girl who lends a supportive shoulder to all her friends and gives the best advice? Are you that girl who spends hours at the gym getting fit, just hoping someone might notice? Are you that girl who is the first to say she is sorry and carry the blame, even when it’s not your fault? Are you that girl who is loyal to a fault and holds her friends’ deepest darkest secrets? Are you that girl who is the first to lend a hand and devote all of her time and attention to help? Are you that girl who can light up a room with her smile and put everyone in a great mood? Are you that girl whose heart is bigger than her body and gives love so freely? Are you that girl who is generous and kind to strangers, someone who would give the last dollar in her pocket?

Outwardly you seem to have it all together, but one thing seems to escape you: a relationship that stays. You are nurturing, you are strong and independent, and you are beautiful in so many ways. You don’t take yourself too seriously and you often make jokes at your own expense. When you let someone get truly close to you, you give them a 100% of your love. You love to spoil that special person and see them smile without wanting or needing anything in return. And yet time is all you’re asking for—to be included, to be made a priority to that special person.

Hey girl, it’s time to start being selfish and concentrate on your own needs. Hey girl, it’s time to see how beautiful you are and stop putting everyone before you. Hey girl, it’s time to start speaking up without a fear of rejection and stop underestimating your worth. Hey girl, take chances, be bold, and demand respect. Hey girl, you deserve attention; you deserve to be put on a pedestal and treated like a goddess. Hey girl, stop settling for crumbs and see yourself as a prize, because you are. Hey girl, you are extraordinary and precious, and once you see that, everything will be alright.

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