An Open Letter To My Beautiful Children

To my beautiful children, whose presence makes my heart brim with happiness and puts a smile on my face knowing they are a part of me:

I am not the kind of mom who finds it easy to wrap my arms around you and tell you I love you like I did when you were little kids. Life has brought us through turbulent times and made us stronger in silent ways. But I am that mom who worries about you every single second, the kind of mom who encourages you and pushes you to see your own strengths, and the kind of mom who made sacrifices to give you stability and secureness. I am that mom who prays for you in silence and cries when you’re hurting. I am that mom who loves you with every ounce of her being but has trouble saying it.

I wish you could see yourselves through my eyes—your extraordinary strengths, your uniqueness, and your talents that go beyond even your own mind to see. I hope that you will never settle for believing that you’re not good enough or even that you’re just average. Take chances, be confident, and believe you are brave enough to follow your own dreams. You were born with individuality and unmatched gifts to offer this planet—shine like the universe is yours!

I am your mom, the mom that was chosen for you and adores every inch of you. I am your mom who cherishes you and dreams for you to have an amazing life. I am your mom who will challenge you to embrace your weaknesses, to self-reflect, to rise above and to see your circumstances as opportunities to grow. You are the creator of your own life; sculpt it with self-love, compassion, faith, determination and know that I will always be cheering for you, because I love you.



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