How Changing These Small Everyday Habits Can Change Your Entire Life

Have you ever monitored your thoughts at any given moment to realize that almost 99% of your thoughts were the same as the day before? I am a believer that our thoughts are connected to our lives and how our realities are playing out before our eyes.  If you have the same thoughts, won’t they lead to the same behaviors? And won’t those same behaviors lead to the same experiences, which lead to the same feelings?

We are genetically wired to act on how we feel which creates our own personal reality. Are you ready to change your life? Then you are going to have to change what you are thinking about. You are going to have to become aware of your unconscious thoughts, pay attention to your behavior and modify it, and look at your emotions that are connected to your past and decide if they belong in your future. You essentially need to create a new personality.

Our brains are records of the past. Think about it—do you wake up on the same side of the bed? Do you use the same mug for coffee and take a shower in the same routine way, drive the same way to work, and do all the same routines that you know so well? You are craving a new happy life, but what have you done differently to produce that life?

You are reproducing the same experiences and emotions to hardwire your brain to live the same life. We are all memorized behaviors that function like a computer program and your body does all these functions automatically.

I challenge you to learn something new today, use a different mug for coffee, listen to different music, sleep on a different side of the bed, and rewire your brain to make a map of the future instead of a record of the past. Create new thoughts, create new behaviors, create new emotions, create new experiences, and create a new life. Think greater than the conditions in your world and of your environment, and think greater than the circumstances in your life. You will be uncomfortable, very uncomfortable, but buckle up, because your life will change. Every time you start to complain, STOP. Every time you start to remember a hurtful emotion, STOP. Break out of the familiar and step into the unknown for the magic to happen.

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