This Is What It’s Like To Drown

Przemyslaw Sakrajda
Przemyslaw Sakrajda

My insides feel like a dried, crumpled autumn leaf, that is listless and lifeless.
I’m drowning in a river that is made of my own tears, and I’m struggling to keep my head above water.
Every time I come up for air, I am submerged back into my own sea of sadness.
The forceful changing tides of my life relentlessly rush against me.
I am constantly pushing against the current, heaving and gasping as I fight the large, suffocating waves.
There is no one in sight who understands my pain and frustration.
As the next wave rolls over me, I am submerged underwater.
Once again, I am stranded beneath the surface.
I push myself upward, as I am determined to survive and press onward.
As I squint my weary eyes, I search desperately for a life preserve.
Then I realize that the intense waves are bringing me closer to the shore.
The clouds from the storm gradually depart, and the sun begins to shine.
I can see the bright yellow sand, as it glistens and glows in the sunlight.
“Finally,” I sighed. I am relieved that I will soon be able to rest on warm land.
The waves carry me back to shore, and I collapse on the beautiful, stable ground.
I take a deep breath, as the sun soothes my exhausted body.
I am finally able to rest, and everything will be different now.
The light is here, and I am back home. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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