Embrace Yourself, Your Differences, And Finally Be Beautiful, Wild, And Free

Yuri Arcurs
Yuri Arcurs

Have you ever tried to catch a butterfly? Butterflies have an overwhelming desire to be free. If you try to capture a butterfly, it will always find a way to fly high into the sky.

When I was a child, I tried to capture a butterfly in a small box with holes. I wanted to keep it as a pet. The butterfly somehow managed to squeeze its wings through the holes in the box and fly away. I learned that there is no point in trying to catch a butterfly.

Sometimes it is difficult for humans to feel free in this world. Society tries to place people into confining little boxes. We are told how we should look, think, and act. At times, there isn’t a lot of room to express your individuality. People who are different tend to face a lot of rejection. They are ostracized and told that they aren’t worthy of love. However, the people who are different are smart enough to embrace the essence of the butterfly. They are the ones who are the most free.

I recently learned about a little rooster named Poodle Roo from Apricot Lane Farms in California. Poodle Roo is a famous rooster who was featured on Oprah’s, “Super Soul Sunday” program. Poodle Roo always knew that he was different. The workers did not know why he fled his coop each night and they sent out nightly search parties for him. However, after a while they grew tired of looking for him. They were also concerned that he was going to get hurt so they allowed him to sleep alone in the barn for a while.

After a few months, the workers wanted him to sleep in the coop again. They wanted the other birds to accept him. Unfortunately, the other birds attacked Poodle Roo during the night. They did not accept him because they knew that he was different. The staff was very upset, and they thought that he was going to pass away. He recovered quickly with their help when they brought him back to the barn.

They learned that he was partially blind and deaf. Other chickens would also show up to the barn to recover from brief illnesses and injuries. Poodle Roo remained by their side, and helped them during their recovery. He would guide them to special parts of the barn to find extra food. He even made friends with a lonely barn cat. Poodle Roo was a brave little rooster. He knew that he was different, and he used his difficult experiences to help others.

Since we would all be on the same wavelength, each new event would be anticipated. We would all think the same thoughts, wear the same clothes, and have the same desires. We may understand each other more easily initially, but it wouldn’t be long before the world would be plagued with boredom. We aren’t all meant to be exactly the same.

Every individual has something unique and interesting to add to the world. The people who rocked the boat, and challenged the status quo, are the ones who changed society. We don’t like people who deviate too much from the norm. They challenge us and make us think about the world in a new way. This makes us feel uncomfortable. However, eventually everyone learns to love the person who stood out from the crowd. We simply wouldn’t be the same without them.

Don’t be afraid to let your true self shine through. Eventually most people will learn to love you. The ones who don’t simply aren’t worth your time. If you ever start to feel trapped, just remember the essence of the butterfly. No matter how many times you try to catch a butterfly, it will always find a way to break free. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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