Why Is Everyone So Afraid Of The Color Pink?

Do you have pink phobia?

Pink phobia can be defined as the fear of the color pink. We are conditioned from birth to believe that pink is for girls, and blue is for boys. If you know someone who is having a baby girl, you will most likely buy her pink gifts for her baby shower. If you know someone who is having a baby boy, you will most likely buy her blue gifts. Does anybody ever wonder why we do this?

Let’s examine the history of the color pink. In the early 1900’s, people dressed their babies in white dresses, regardless of their gender. Then, in the 1920s, pink actually became the color for boys, and blue was the color for girls. It wasn’t until the 1940’s that we adopted this idea that pink is for girls, and blue is for boys. These colors are not innately desired by certain genders. We created this idea through conditioning.

Nobody feels threatened when a girl likes the color blue, wears pants, and performs any actions that are considered traditionally masculine. However, society isn’t as accepting when a boy likes the color pink, wants to wear a dress, or perform any actions that are considered traditionally feminine. It is more acceptable for women to be androgynous. An androgynous person has a combination of traditionally masculine and feminine traits. “Don’t put pink on my boy!”, those fearful parents cry. Why is everybody so afraid of pink?

According to society’s standards, it is perfectly acceptable for a woman to act like a man, but it’s not acceptable for a man to act like a woman. A man who likes pink and wears dresses is considered less of a man. However, a woman who acts masculine is boosting her status in society. This idea is extremely insulting to women, and also very limiting to men. Not only is this idea very hurtful to women, but men are now not allowed to be androgynous. Men are very limited in the way that they can express themselves, because of the fear of being feminine. Pink phobia is the madness that has affected our society for decades.

Everyone should be able to express their gender in whichever way they feel comfortable. There shouldn’t be any rules as to how men and women should express their sexuality. If you are suffering from pink phobia, then there is a cure. Just remember, that both men and women can be feminine.

There is no reason to be afraid of the color pink. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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