This Is How You Find Your Soulmate

Charlie Hang
Charlie Hang

Over the years, I have found certain ideas to be true about attraction and romantic relationships. We have all heard the saying, “Opposites attract.” Other people claim that you must have common interests with your significant other. I’ve found both concepts to be true in different ways.

When searching for the perfect partner, you should have some common interests. Your common interests will spark interesting conversations and dates. For example, if you both enjoy dancing, then you can go dancing on Friday night. However, you want to find a partner who has a temperament that is the opposite of yours. This is where the idea that, “opposites attract” falls into place.

For example, if you are feisty and energetic, then your ideal partner will be calm and easygoing. If you and your partner are both strong-willed, then your personalities will clash. Two individuals who are very easygoing will grow bored of each other. You want your combined energies to balance each other out. The yin needs to balance out the yang. Therefore, if you are a calm person who loves music, then your ideal partner will be a spunky person who also loves music.

You should definitely feel attracted to your partner. There needs to be a certain amount of passion. However, you should also feel comfortable around them. If you do not feel comfortable around your significant other, then the relationship will not last. If you are interested in someone, and they give you an explosive feeling in your chest, be wary. If the chemistry is too explosive, it might mean that your personalities are clashing. Explosions can end in catastrophe.

I believe that my boyfriend is my soulmate. We met when we were 19 years old, and currently, we are 24 years old. My temperament is more strong-willed, and he is more easygoing. We also share common interests, such as playing pool and watching movies about time travel. I am attracted to him, but I also feel comfortable around him. He feels the same way about me. We have also grown and evolved together. Your partner should be someone who will change with you. The person who you will spend the rest of your life with, will accept certain changes in your personality. As long as these changes are positive or neutral, and not negative, then you should not worry.

I do not claim to be an expert on love. In addition, every individual is flawed. Since no one is perfect, no relationship will be completely perfect. You should feel happy and comfortable in your relationship most of the time. In addition, communication is key. If you are upset about an issue, you need to communicate your concerns to your partner in a healthy way. You can solve problems together if you are honest with each other. Every relationship should be based upon trust. If you do not trust your significant other, then the relationship will end eventually. If you know that this person is your soulmate, try to heal any trust issues that you may have. If you do not believe that your partner can be trusted, then he or she may not be the right person for you.

Every relationship is different. There isn’t a specific set of rules that will heal every problem in every relationship. However, I have found these considerations to be helpful to myself and others. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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