There Is A Purpose To Your Suffering

Drew Patrick Miller
Drew Patrick Miller

Many people have asked the question, “If there is a God, why does He allow suffering?” This may sound crazy, but I believe that there is a purpose to suffering. The experiences that we have suffered through allow us to grow spiritually. I believe that before we are born, we create a plan for our lives. We choose who our parents will be, which lessons we want to learn, and who we will meet up with to help us learn those lessons.

When we are born, we forget all of that information so that we don’t experience sensory overload. The purpose of living life on Earth is to remember why we came here in the first place. When we are born, we are in a slumber. Throughout our lives, we just keep waking up, over and over again. We aren’t meant to live a life filled with parties and vacations. That is what Heaven is for. We come here to work hard and to figure things out. Situations that are comfortable and filled with privilege are not ideal for soul growth.

I was encouraged to not place too much emphasis on material objects or shallow concerns. My family has taught me to persevere through difficult experiences, and to have empathy and compassion for others. I learned that everything happens for a reason, and that no experience is wasted. I believe that I’m more intuitive than the average person. I can sense someone’s soul essence, even if I don’t know them very well.

You see, there is nothing that makes anybody a superior being or an inferior being. We are all worth the same. The thing that separates us is that some of us realize our self worth, and some of us don’t. The people who realize their self-worth are the people that try their hardest to be the best that they can be. I’m doing my best, and I want to know that you’re doing your best too.

Although everyone is equal at the soul level, some people have stronger minds than others. Some people choose the path of love and truth, and others choose the path of fear and evil. In this world, it is easy to forget how beautiful you are. Some of us are more “forgetful” than others. I am referring to intrinsic beauty, not physical beauty.

Physical beauty is arbitrary and subjective. Although we should take care of our bodies, the body merely serves as a house for the soul. When I see someone starting to forget his or her true essence, I will encourage that person to choose the path of love instead of evil. I hope that people will do the same for me, because I know that I’m not perfect either. I would like everyone to remember that there is no need to be afraid, because good is always more powerful than evil. My cultural background and my rewarding life experiences have shaped me into the person that I am today.

Of course, we aren’t supposed to suffer all the time. One of the most important lessons that anyone can learn, is that we can still be happy, regardless of the difficult experiences that we’ve had to push through. I believe that everyone has at least one guardian angel and one spirit guide. Your guardian angel protects you throughout your life. Your spirit guide is a deceased person that helps you to stay on your life path. After watching many accounts of near death experiences, it seems that when we pass away, we have a life review.

We meet with God, our angel(s), and our spirit guide(s) to review the lessons that we’ve learned. Then everyone works together to form a plan that is ideal for your spiritual growth in the future. Don’t let your negative experiences turn you into a bitter person. Your suffering does make you stronger. I know that it sounds cliché, but it really is the truth. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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