Ladies: I Am Not A ‘Bitch’ And Neither Are You

boram kim
boram kim

Since the beginning of time, men and women have been conditioned to express their emotions in different ways.

Men have been encouraged to express their anger, and mask their sadness. Men are also encouraged to be aggressive and dominant. When a man cries, he is told to stop. He is told that only women cry. Crying is considered to be a sign of weakness. When you cry, you are making yourself vulnerable. According to society, only women are allowed to be vulnerable. In addition, women have been encouraged to express their sadness, and hide their anger. Women are told to be sweet and submissive. When a woman expresses her anger, she is told to be quiet. She is called a, “b*****”, and a, “bad girl.” According to society, good girls don’t challenge the status quo. Good girls just sit down and smile.

Society seems to be very good at policing everybody’s feelings. We are always telling each other that our feelings are wrong. Why is everybody still so afraid to express themselves? Taylor Swift has been criticized for writing angry songs about her ex-boyfriends. Many people think that she should stop. I don’t understand why people feel this way. I have written articles about people who have let me down. Nobody wants to hear about your mundane trips to the grocery store. People want to hear stories about heart break, passion, and triumph. Why should Taylor Swift be asked to stop expressing her anger? Male celebrities have always freely expressed their anger, and are rarely criticized for it.

Being angry is not a special privilege for boys, and being sad is not a special privilege for girls. Nobody can be happy all of the time. Everyone should be encouraged to express sadness and anger in a healthy way. When you cry, you are releasing toxins from your body. Crying is necessary at times. The expression of anger is also necessary, because you must let everybody know that you will not be walked on. Men and women need to be able to freely express a range of negative emotions. We are all complex, dynamic human beings.

In addition, women should not be told to be passive. When you are passive, you are acknowledging the rights of others, while disregarding your own rights. Men should also not be told to be aggressive. When you are aggressive, you are acknowledging your own rights, while disregarding the rights of others. Instead, everybody should be taught to be assertive. When you are assertive, you are protecting your own rights, without violating the rights of others. You believe that you are equal to everyone else. When you are upset, you don’t have to bite everybody’s head off, but you also shouldn’t bottle your feelings up.

Since we are currently in the 21st century, we need to break free of these gender stereotypes. Although society has progressed over the years, there is still more work to be done. Gender roles served their purpose when we were Neanderthals. However, we are not Neanderthals anymore. Ladies, if you have something to say, then shout it from the rooftops! I’ll be waiting for you. I will not be silenced and called a, “bitch”, when I’m angry! I will stand up for myself, and so should you! Gentleman, if you need to cry, I will bring you a box of tissues. Let it out! I want you to know that your feelings are not wrong. Let’s all just be there for each other when we are unhappy. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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