8 Things Way Cooler Than Having A Boyfriend In College


First of all, as everyone knows, heartbreak is tough, especially in college when you are trying to figure yourself out. Recently dealing with a breakup myself, I decided to spend a lot of time with my girlfriends focusing on me, and what I want to accomplish in life to make me happy. The main thing to remember is that your happiness shouldn’t rely on anyone but yourself. So here are 8 things that I think are way cooler than having a boyfriend to make you feel a little better when your friends are out on date night and you are in your dorm catching up on “Orange is the New Black”:

1. Having a kick ass career. Focus on your grades, land a great internship, and follow your passion. As the great Frank Sinatra once said, “The best revenge is massive success”.

2. Traveling the world. Live your life. Don’t you want to be the grandparent with the really exciting stories? What better way to live your life than to see the world! Besides, you know you’ve always wanted to hop on an Italian guy’s Vespa like Lizzie McGuire did.

3. Making great friends. There is no bond in the world stronger than a girl and her girlfriends. Go out with your girls and make crazy memories. Boys are for now, girlfriends are forever. Find your Meredith Grey to your Christina Yang!

4. Checking off some items on your bucket list. Go skydiving or zip lining through Puerto Rico or swimming with the dolphins, whatever tickles your fancy. You’re young, now is the time! Don’t let what you could do now become what you have should done later. Besides, they result in some great Instagram pictures.

5. Learning how to cook. One day, this will come in handy. One day your kids are going to miss your home cooked meals instead of the dining hall just as you are missing your moms right now…and for foodies like me, this is just a really convenient skill when you’re craving mashed potatoes at 2 am.

6. Taking up a cool hobby. Everyone has something they have always wanted to take up or learn how to do. Now that you are a single lady, now is your chance! Focus your energy on a new project, you’ll thank yourself for it later.

7. Becoming best friends with your mom. Your mom is the best friend you are ever going to have. She looks out for you and loves you no matter what (Even after how mean you were to her during your awkward middle school years). She has so much wisdom and will probably surprise you with stories similar to things you’re going through right now. Listen to her, she’s basically God’s gift to the world.

8. Having massive dance parties with your suite mates late at night. Like I said earlier, just live your life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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