The Truth Is You Are Enough

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Who told you that you aren’t good enough?

In a conversation I had recently with a woman who I admire, she made a subtle comment about “not feeling pretty anymore.” It might have seemed like a regular conversation to her, but words like that are heavy to me.

I carry that person’s inner hurt, insecurities, and doubt with me because I’ve been there. The truth I believe about her is the opposite of what she spoke over herself—she is a beautiful human being, and her heart is so passionate about always doing what’s right.

Hearing those words from people just breaks me inside. Whether the words carry true weight on their end or not, those comments just pull me into this thought process of wondering HOW we end up in places where we truly believe we are not good enough.

The unfortunate reality is, someone did tell us that.

Somewhere along the way, our innate innocence was stolen.

Someone or something influenced us in believing we will never measure up unless we meet certain criteria. We will never be accepted unless we look a certain way, have a certain job, hang out with a certain crowd, wear certain clothes, etc.

The TRUTH is, though, our birthright is to know love and acceptance.

When we enter the world, great grace and unfathomable love are bestowed upon us. We don’t have to work for those things at all.

The world will try to tear down your confidence and rip apart your dreams. It will lie to you, bully you, and try to convince you that you worthless. It will build walls around you making you feel so stuck in insecurities that you cannot see a way of escape. It will try to defeat you, but YOU are worth fighting for.

You are good enough. I am too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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