When I Look In The Mirror, I Hate What I See

Unsplash / Tiko Giorgadze
Unsplash / Tiko Giorgadze

There’s a mirror in the corner
Which my eyes try to avoid
Yet I find it irresistible
And believe its clever ploy
This mirror in the corner
Is sprouting a soft light
As it beckons me to greet it
I succumb without a fight
For the mirror in the corner
May seem to be a simple tool
But once you approach its structure
You are met by all its rules
Because the mirror in the corner
Is the locksmith of my fears
It’s encapsulated all of my flaws
For the past 22 years
While the mirror in the corner
Is composed of only glass
Its force is insurmountable
As it sustains me in its grasp
This mirror in the corner
Consumes me with its lies
Assuring that I will be happy
Once I trim down my huge thighs
Because the mirror in the corner
Does not accept my curves
Yet it promises that thinness
Will bring the happiness I deserve
But the mirror in the corner
Neglects to display my hidden truth
Which insists that I am the picture
Of resilience, strength, and youth
As the mirror in the corner
Often leaves me in defeat
It guides me to the treadmill
And implores me not to eat
Although it projects the precise image
Which I, myself, possess
This mirror in the corner
Never shows me at my best
In spite of its steady reflection
I have yet to see myself
Yet I recognize another girl
Who is screaming out for help
The mirror in the corner
Holds her captive by its lies
Convincing her that all she’s worth
Is equated by her size
And I try to save this victim
Of the mirror’s twisted gaze
But the girl inside the framework
Is entrenched within its maze
But while the mirror in the corner
Is a mastery of deception
I remember that this figment
Is not my true reflection
For the mirror’s only predator
Is a light which can’t be dimmed
Because nothing shines as brightly
As the beauty that’s within Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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