14 Struggles Only Expecting Mothers Understand

  1. When you want to eat something healthy like a salad or fruit but your baby is craving nothing but sweets.
  2. And speaking of cravings – not only are you having cravings but you’re having intense and very specific cravings. It’s not just like, oh I want something spicy or something sweet. It’s like, “No, I need pickles and lemonade and I need them right now.”
  3. If someone eats the food you’ve been waiting all day long to have it’s like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. How could you do this to a pregnant woman!?!?!
  4. You start having very vivid dreams, sometimes involving dreams of loved ones who have passed.
  1. The further along you get in your pregnancy the less you can sleep comfortably. Eventually, you realize you can only sleep in one position if you want to get any sleep and that’s on your back.
  1. And, of course, when you see your partner being able to sleep in any ol’ position they want to you get a little wishful you could have that same luxury.
  1. Like sleeping comfortably, you soon lose the luxury of being able to touch your feet. Forget giving yourself a pedicure, tying your shoes, or putting socks on. The struggle is real.
  1. Everything all of a sudden becomes related to peeing. You had no idea one person could need to pee so much!! You basically have to pee all the time and even the smallest thing like laughing or coughing can make you pee a little bit.
  1. When you start showing, everyone wants to touch your stomach, which is all cool and fine if it’s someone you know, but if it’s a total stranger you get creeped out.
  1. If strangers aren’t trying to touch your stomach then they’re trying to give you unsolicited parenting advice. Everyone has an opinion on how you should raise your child or what things you need/don’t need to raise a successful baby. It’s like, cool, guys. Thanks?? You appreciate that they’re trying to be helpful but sometimes it’s just too overwhelming.
  1. “Wow! You look huge!” Everyone wants to talk about your weight or make annoying comments about it. When you’re pregnant everyone has an idea how much weight you should or shouldn’t be gaining. You know people are just making an observation and probably aren’t trying to be mean but even when women are growing a baby inside of them, they don’t want to hear about how “huge” they are.
  1. You’re anxiety can reach peak levels sometimes. You start thinking about your due date, how far along you are, all the things you need to do by the time the baby gets here, how much everything is adding up in cost, and before you know it you’re in a full blown anxiety attack over everything. Oh, this only happens, just about every few days or so. No big deal.
  1. Baby brain is real. You’re a smart, successful woman yet somehow after you became pregnant you find yourself spacing out on the simplest things and wondering, what the hell??? It seems like these days you can barely remember how your iPhone works.
  1. Mood swings! So many mood swings. Like sometimes you’ll be ridiculously happy and feeling like nothing in life could get better and then other times you find yourself sobbing uncontrollably for essentially no reason. You’re on an emotional rollercoaster with so many hormones racing through you and you just hope people understand you’re not crazy, you’re just pregnant. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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