50 Things I Learned In 2013


1) Memory is very powerful.

2) Indigestion leads to a variety of other problems, so make sure to keep that on track.

3) Try everything at least once.

4) Do not pee in public.

5) Drink in moderation sometimes. No need to do it all the time.

6) Try not to get involved with anybody who cheats. Minus the temporary gratification, nobody really wins.

7) It’s never too late.

8) Occasionally tell your friends and family how much you appreciate them.

9) If winks could kill…

10) Friendships are simple if you let them be.

11) Don’t overthink things.

12) When you are craving something, just eat it.

13) People have different priorities and those should be respected.

14) Karaoke or any form of singing when drunk is a guaranteed good time.

15) Love is weird.

16) The concept of brunch should not be questioned.

17) People have different paths to follow that’ll take them in all sorts of different directions. It only becomes hard to accept when it’s one of your close friends that begins to take a different road.

18) People will surprise you.

19) Everybody drunk texts, so don’t feel too embarrassed if you do. Been there, done that.

20) If somebody only texts you past 2Am on Saturday nights, chances are, it’s a booty call. Actually, it’s a booty call for sure.

21) Dogs are the sweetest and most loyal beings on this earth.

22) Cologne = I love you.

23) Your heart has more soft spots than you could ever imagine. Ugh.

24) This is super anti-feminist, but always walk a girl home at night.

25) The best way to get over someone is to get under another…ha! Kidding, but seriously: getting over people is hard.

26) Sunblock is worth it.

27) People do get wiser as they age, but not necessarily more mature.

28) Marriage is way more complicated than it looks.

29) Making money is hard, but saving it once you have it is even harder.

30) Top sales people are really good at what they do. Really good.

31) For whatever reason, there are matters of the heart that you just cannot control.

32) Celiac is not a choice.

33) No feeling should be invalidated.

34) It doesn’t fix everything, but music certainly does have healing powers beyond our understanding.

35) I talk a lot when I feel uncomfortable — like chirp-level.

36) Key to a good conversation is being able to not only respond to questions but ask them.

37) It’s worth knowing how to play at least one instrument.

38) If you ever feel bored, something is wrong.

39) You will be rejected multiple times.

40) Seriously, live in and enjoy the moment for what it is.

41) Every friend gives you something different.

42) Flirting at a bar will not cause brain damage.

43) Lying is bad, but different from withholding the truth.

44) Some things are better left unknown.

45) Fallouts in friendships are a real thing.

46) Nothing is forever.

47) Even at the worst of times, things will get better.

48) Emotions are the worst. But sometimes, vulnerability is key.

49) Golf is really hard.

50) “It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.” TC Mark

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