15 Awesome Things All Introverts Are Grateful For This Holiday Season

Shutterstock / Alexandra Lande
Shutterstock / Alexandra Lande

Introverts love a lot of things about the world, but there’s a special list that we give thanks for this time of year. Books to alone time to not having to schlep out to the majority of parties; we are terribly grateful for all these things. They help us recharge and bring our most authentic selves to the real world. So let’s take a minute and illustrate these fifteen points.

We are grateful for…

  1. Books. Lots and lots of books. Most introverts love some quality time with a good book, and the holidays can see us given a pile of new titles. Win!
  2. Meaningful conversation with those we love. It’s a common misconception that introverts don’t like to talk. We enjoy good conversation just as much as the rest of you. We just like it to be meaningful. Talking about the weather? No. Talking about our passions? Yes, please.
  3. Not having to go to that boring holiday party. Don’t get me wrong; we aren’t afraid or disdainful of gatherings. We just don’t enjoy ones where we don’t have anything to talk about with people we don’t know. A party with those we are close to is a whole other ballgame.
  4. Meeting a fellow introvert at a holiday party. Okay, so we got suckered into going to our best friend’s office bash. That’s not so fun. But you know what is? That moment we find someone else who would like nothing more than to sit quietly beside us. Preferably in the hallway. While reading a good book.
  5. Taking a quiet walk alone, or with a loved one. The keyword here is quiet. Let’s just enjoy the silence, shall we?
  6. Getting to turn our phones off for a week. No one can get us! Victory!
  7. Doing our holiday shopping alone. We might love our friends dearly, but let’s be frank. It’s way easier to get everything on your list without people distracting you with side trips and meaningless stories.
  8. Even better, doing our holiday shopping online. What? You mean we don’t have to make polite small talk with the guy behind the register as he takes forever to get the tags off all our sweaters? Sign us up!
  9. Having a quiet drink at home with your S.O., or a good friend. Who needs a noisy, smelly bar when you can have a lovely evening in your PJs?
  10. Solo drives. Yes, we might be on our way to a house full of crazy relatives, but if you like to drive, there’s nothing quite like a long stretch of highway to calm the nerves.
  11. Writing holiday cards. It’s so much easier for us to express our thoughts through writing, and the holidays are a perfect time to share the love. But only to those we really care about. The rest of the world is on its own.
  12. Not having to deal with the crowds on our commute for the week. As a general rule, no one really relishes being part of a huge, teeming crowd, all intent on going in different directions. But those moments are especially stressful for introverts, and we are massively relieved to get a week off to hang out with our loved ones and pretend that such crowds don’t exist anywhere on this planet.
  13. Not having to put up with co workers who drag on your nerves. Everyone has that one person in their office who just drives them up the wall, and introverts can feel that more intensely than most. So take we take our holiday time and savor the freedom.
  14. Doing absolutely nothing the entire day except read and think, and being perfectly okay with that. It’s called quality time with yourself. And it rocks.
  15. A little alone time. As much as we love our families, we prize our time to recharge. So don’t take us running off to a quiet spot personally. We’ll be back soon! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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