10 Fantastic Gifts For Your Perfect (And Introverted) Significant Other

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Shutterstock / elisekurenbina

So it’s time for you to pick up a gift, eh? While this might be a breeze for some of the people on your list, others pose more of a challenge. Take, for example, the introvert in your life. What on earth do you get the person who seems withdrawn, quiet, and hard to know? (Bonus tip: we only seem like that. Put a little effort into getting to know us and you’ll see how fabulous introverts are.)

Anyway, we put our little introverted heads together and compiled a list of the best gifts for our people. We are a varied lot, and have a wide array of interests and passions, but there are a few things we can all agree on. Books, for example, are always a safe bet. We introverts love being able to leave behind this world for a while and immerse ourselves in another. We also have deep passions for our hobbies, so it’s often a good idea to focus your gift-buying efforts in that direction.

Of course, no one knows your introverted significant other or loved one like you do, so take these suggestions and make them your own. Customize that t-shirt or hand-select the items in a bath basket. Whatever tickles your fancy.

  1. Books. Pretty much every introvert on the planet loves a good book, so you can’t go wrong here.
  2. Tickets to an event they are passionate about. Do they like classical music? Get them tickets to the symphony. The ballet? Look up their favorite company’s season and pick a performance you know they will enjoy. And so on, and so on.
  3. Noise-cancelling headphones. These are super useful for all sorts of occasions; cross-country flights, a house full of relatives at the holidays, you get the picture.
  4. A season of their favorite show. This is something you two can enjoy together. We introverts love sitting quietly with our SOs, and a TV show or movie gives us an excuse to be with you and not have to talk too much.
  5. A round of art classes. This is perfect, because the opportunity to meet new people is available, but your beloved introvert can also work quietly and keep to themselves, depending on their mood.
  6. A gift card for their specific hobby. Do they like making jewelry? Nice beads are expensive. Or perhaps the introvert in your life is an archer, and is in need of new supplies. A gift card, when given solid, specific thought, is actually a viable choice.
  7. A custom shirt. Try places like Café Press, which let you create the perfect shirt for your introverted honey. You can design something charmingly unique and specific to them.
  8. A bath basket. This is good for men and women, though some men might not own up to liking a good bubble bath. But everyone needs to relax! Make up a basket of relaxing bath goodies, and let them enjoy.
  9. A really beautiful journal. We love to reflect on our day, and what better way to do that than with a gorgeous journal? Pick one that reminds you of your partner, and that you know they will like to look at every day.
  10. A set of adorable coasters. This item perfectly reflects the thought process of an introvert, and how we interact with the world. A sensitive soul will really appreciate these, and get a good kick out of them too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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