11 Reasons You Should Learn To Love Your Big Boobs

Shutterstock / lekcej
Shutterstock / lekcej

I’m just gonna throw this out there: big boobs rock. Yeah, they might give us back pains, and sometimes the catcalls get old. But they are also the most awesome things in creation. Just look at women like Christina Hendricks (your devoted author’s personal idol/girl-crush). She is so beyond fine, and she works that gorgeous figure.

Sorry, got distracted thinking about Hendricks for a minute. I’m back. Anyway, we love breasts of all kinds here at YourTango, and today we are feeling the love for big boobs. So without further ado, here are the 11 reasons to love your big boobs. You enjoy, while I go daydream about Christina Hendricks some more.

1. EVERYONE loves them.

Straight men, gay men, straight women, lesbians. Boobs (especially big boobs) rock, and we can pretty much all agree on that.

2. You can hide basically anything in your bra.

A side effect of having to wear a larger bra is more generous storage space. The Tango girls have been known to stash in their bras everything from cellphones to spoons to Taco Bell hot sauce (don’t ask). And several of us can get away with it because we are more blessed in that department than some of our other lady friends.

3. They make the best pillows on the planet.

We can universally agree that there is nothing more awesome than laying your head down on a girl’s lovelies. It doesn’t matter if you’re taking a nap, watching a movie, or just hanging out; boobs make the best cushions.

4. They make you seem more badass than you actually are.

There’s something powerful about a large-chested woman who can work it that screams, “Don’t mess with me.” Make those puppies work for you, ladies!

5. They fill out certain dresses better than other silhouettes.

Yes, we can’t wear straight, loose dresses without looking like we’ve donned a circus tent, but put us in a bodycon or wiggle dress and prepare for fireworks.

6. When you cover them up, their stock skyrockets.

Big boobs are a freakin’ wonderland, and nothing arouses interest like a little mystery.

7. They have a moth-to-the-flame effect on pretty much everyone.

Even if you are partial to smaller breasts on your woman between the sheets, everyone can at least appreciate a fine set on a lady. And all that attention, in the right doses, is a lot of fun.

8. Our lingerie is just as pretty.

Sure, we might need something a little stronger, but our bras are as equally pretty as those frothy little things that girls with A cups get to wear.

9. Cleavage, cleavage, cleavage!

This is a place where we have a huge leg up on our less well-endowed friends. Us bustier ladies might not be able to wear a shirt open to our belly buttons, but we make up for it with a fabulous display of perfect softness. And there is absolutely no need for a pushup bra. Score!

10. Statement necklaces have the perfect frame.

To be fair, basically everyone looks good in the right statement necklace, but there’s something awesome about having it rest on a gorgeous chest.

11. They are just plain fun.

Say you’re in bed, your honey is sleeping, and you’re bored. You’ve got two fun toys right at hand! And the best part is when your aforementioned honey wakes up and starts playing too. *wink wink* Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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