Please Don’t Fall In Love With Me

What does it even mean to be in love? Does anyone really know or is it just up to the individual to create their own idea of love? I’m probably wrong, however, the impression I’ve gotten thus far is that being in love means sacrificing the things that make you happy in order to make the person you’re supposed to be in love with happy.

If this is your idea of it, please don’t fall in love with me. I won’t fall for you. I’ll care about you and maybe I’ll love you but I won’t be in love with you. I don’t want your everything because I can’t give you mine. You deserve someone who will give what they get from you.

I can’t see myself changing my life around to accommodate another person like that. Maybe that works for some people. I feel too content with myself to imagine having those feelings for someone for forever. I don’t believe there’s a lot of people who are that selfless enough to give their all to someone like that. Yes, maybe at first, for some time. As much as people hate change, they eventually hate stagnancy, too. They can’t keep doing the same thing forever if it’s not exactly what they want. You can’t keep doing things to make the person you “love” happy if it’s not making you happy as well. You need to put yourself first and make sure you are okay because at the end of everything, you are what you’ve got. Your happiness shouldn’t rely on making someone else happy.

This is why I beg you not to fall in love with me. I don’t want you to be happy because you’re making me happy. I won’t be doing the same in return. I’ll hang out with you, I’ll share my life with you. I’ll care for you. If you cry, I’ll comfort you. But I won’t change how I live my life to make you stop crying. I will not be in love with you the way you are in love with me.

If this is what love is supposed to be, there must be someone who I can love like this. I hope I can find that person someday. But, as of now, I have not. So, please, don’t fall in love with me. I won’t be falling in love with you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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image – Luis Hernandez

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