Insecurities, From Head to Toe

(Read the whole thing before you hate me for drowning you in my self-pity)

My Hair.

I get compliments on my hair all the time. I know I have nice hair. But, I have my mom’s hair. It’s really fine but I have a lot. My mom’s hair now is so thin and she hates it. I worry that my hair will become ugly one day.

My Forehead.

I’m young, but I can see the wrinkles forming. I don’t even go tanning. I wish I did, because I’m so pale. But I’m too afraid to because I don’t want to get wrinkles one day. Which brings me to my next point…

My Skin

People tell me I have nice skin. But, they don’t have to deal with how dry it is. I know people can see it. I know I’m lucky to not have bad acne. At the same time, if I do get a breakout, it’s so noticeable and so red and so disgusting. I’m also really pale (like I already mentioned). I’m like a ghost. Disgusting.

My Nose

It could absolutely be worse. I just know people are lying when they say it’s not big though. Why can’t I have a perfect button nose?

My Lips

Straight off my mom’s face, I have the thinnest lips ever seen. I don’t think anyone actually wants to kiss them. What’s the interest in two thin, chapped pieces of pink flesh?

My Chin/Jawline

I’m not even that fat, but I have two chins. I really do. I can’t smile without them showing. Why is my face so round? I just wish I had that nice defined jawline that all the prettiest people have.

My Shoulders

They’re always so tense and I have horrible posture but when I try to fix it, it just feels like I’m trying to stick out my chest to make my boobs look bigger.

My Boobs

So, so, soooo flat. Why? I don’t know. Everyone in my family has big boobs except for me. I got jipped. And again, what man would be interested in a girl with the chest of a 12 year old boy?

My Stomach

I know I’m not fat but I’m definitely not in shape. I could do crunches every waking moment but that pouch at the bottom of my stomach will never go away.

My Legs/Butt

Well, like my lips and my boobs, my butt is just not there. I guess it could be worse. But I can see cellulite coming. How is that even possible? How is that even fair?! If I had a fat ass, at least it would look nice to people when I had pants on. And why can’t I have just a small thigh gap? Just a really small one. My legs and butt are so disproportionate to each other.

My Feet

All I’m gonna say is thank god for closed toe shoes. Seriously.

My Toes

I guess no one has nice toes…they’re just ugly. Pedicures are way too expensive to keep up with. My second toe on my left foot is longer than my first toe. But my right toes are normal. Which is just weird.

Maybe your insecurities are the same as mine or maybe your insecurities are the opposite. Maybe your insecure about your chicken legs or your fat ass or your huge boobs or your nose that you think makes you look like Miss Piggy, And that’s exactly my point. We are all different. The grass always seems greener on the other side. But, would you really be happy if you could change everything about yourself, everything that make you, you? Embrace what you’ve got, even if you don’t like it. Learn to love yourself and everything about your body. You won’t be the only one. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – porschelinn

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