A Horrified Letter To Donald Trump, After Witnessing Your Hate-Filled Rally On My College Campus

Donald Trump Facebook Page
Donald Trump Facebook Page

Dear Mr. Trump,

Yesterday, you held a rally at West Chester University and as a student at WCU, I took the opportunity to go and find out what one of your rallies is really like. I stood in line outside for an hour, and then sat for another three hours inside the gym waiting to see you speak. Since then, I have thought a lot about the experience. The only way I can describe how I have felt over the past 24 hours since your rally, is haunted.

When I found out that you were coming to West Chester, my first thought was, “oh, I am so there.” Not because I support you, but because I wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt and see what you had to say to an educated college community. I wanted to believe that you are more than just a bigot who is spreading messages of hate. To say the least, I was disappointed.

I could hardly believe the type of behavior I saw; behavior that you have encouraged. I felt disturbed as I stood in line and heard the chant “build that wall!” around me. I felt disturbed as I watched your supporters bully the protesters who were standing up for something they believe in. The protesters may have been attacking what you preach, but your supporters attacked the protestors personally. (I have to add a note here. I have gotten some really reasonable comments that I cannot ignore. There were absolutely protestors shouting mean, even appalling things as well. Although I did not see it myself in the hour I was outside, I am now aware that this did happen. While I do not condone this kind of behavior, it does not affect my point. The point, which I make again farther down, is that this is behavior Trump allows and has encouraged. This is the problem I am trying to convey.)

I don’t want to put a stereotype on your supporters as you have done with so many other groups of people. I had great conversation with some very kind people as I waited and I was reminded that although I don’t agree with their political views, they are not all as rude and blunt as you are. In fact, I learned that many of them, silently, don’t even support your wall.

When I got into the gym and watched as it filled up with people wearing Trump shirts and pins that read, “Hot Chicks for Trump,” and “Hillary for Prison,” I couldn’t help but chuckle. I wondered how many of the students in the building actually supported you, and how many of them had pre-gamed your rally and were simply making a joke of the whole thing. It wasn’t until you actually started speaking that I realized it didn’t matter.

Even if those drunken idiots didn’t actually agree with what you were saying, you allowed them to act disrespectfully. You gave them permission to scream in the faces of protesters and cheer as they were dragged out of the room. You allowed, and even encouraged, security to drag a woman out by her neck.

On top of all of this, you didn’t even say anything important. In fact, the only thing I clapped for the entire time was when you said that West Chester is a beautiful school. It is. The rest of the rally was full of straight B.S. You read the paper of Pennsylvania’s statistics that your people gave you and told the crowd how terrible it is and that you’re going to fix it. You said, about thirty times, “we’re gonna bring jobs back!” but not once did you say how you plan on doing so. You preached the importance of free speech, and then said, “get that guy out of here,” immediately after someone used that right. You made fun of the way John Kasich eats, multiple times, as if that actually matters at all. You told the room that because of this, he isn’t presidential.

Mr. Trump, you are not presidential. No, I am not a politician, but neither are you. You are a businessman and a comedian, at best. You’re not a Republican and you certainly do not and should not represent the United States of America. All you are is a jerk.

It’s not about politics, especially because you don’t seem to know what the word entails. It is about morals. It is about respecting not only the citizens of our country, but human beings as a species.

I have watched you in debates, read about you in newspapers and now, I have seen you speak in person. If I didn’t like you before, Mr. Trump, I like you even less now. I am afraid for our country and what our future holds if someone like you gets elected into office.

I believe that our country is better than you, and I have to believe that it will not allow you to lead in a way that goes against everything we stand for.

A very concerned college student Thought Catalog Logo Mark

​Kristen is 20 years old and in her second year at West Chester University.

Keep up with Kristen on delightfullykris.weebly.com

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