You’re The Type Of Person I’ll Wait For

Veronika Balasyuk
Veronika Balasyuk

It wasn’t until that night we’d met, when you pulled me to dance, that I began believing in “the one”. I ran up to the stage and I watched the light in your eyes disappear, only to experience it shine again when I yelled your name and you saw me. Remember that? You looked at me, with that breathtaking smile that formed in less than a second, and I finally understood what everyone meant when they say love makes their world slow down.

For the first time in years, you’ve made me stumble on my words again. I’ve never even felt embarrassed with you because, every time you laughed at me, your eyes felt like they were whispering the words that your heart couldn’t voice out. You kissed me as if to make up for all the years we’ve lost before finding each other. I felt reassurance in the way you held me; like I just wanted to say yes to everything you were ever going to ask me, knowing you’d never put my life in the hands of danger.

See, I knew from the first moment I heard you screaming love songs at the top of your lungs, in the shower, that I already loved you. I knew and, every single day after that, my heart had burned, trying to let out the words “I love you”.

But I was never able to, and now I’m too late.

You’re leaving in a few weeks to fly to the other side of the world. However, you’d always told me that we were going to manage. I should’ve known that day, when you drove me home quietly, that something was wrong. But I didn’t, and now I wish I had.

I’ve been sleepless, angry, and in denial. The weight of the pain’s been pushing me to my bed, and all the strength in my body has gone to my head, powering the thoughts of you in the middle of the night just when my eyes begin to fall. I’ve found my soulmate, the one person I was sure of for the first time, and the world just takes him away from my bare hands.

Now I’ve been losing my mind, trying to figure out if things would’ve been different if I had said something. I could’ve told you I loved you, in person, like I’d always imagined it. Instead, you’re finding out through words.

Maybe this is where fate is going to lead us for now. I’d like to look at the brighter side of things. Perhaps when you get back, you’ll look for me and tell me you’re finally ready. We’d possibly meet again on the last day of the year, the day we’d officially met, two days after we’d spent the night dancing.

Until then, I’ll be here where you first found me. I’ll love you silently, through distance and time. I’ll hope you don’t fall in love with anyone else, that maybe you’re thinking about meeting again in the future too.

And I’ll wait… Because I’d just fallen in love with you, and it’d be impossible to stop anytime soon. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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