5 Tips To Help You Realize The Only Way To Change Your Life Is To Change Your Mindset


Nothing grinds my gears more than watching people make promises to themselves, only to find themselves miserable a few weeks later. I can only speak for the ones who find themselves stuck in the vicious cycle that happens every single new year, my old self included.

This year, the most important thing I’ve learned is how quickly time really passes by. It’s like one second it’s the first day of a New Year and then, all of a sudden, we’re already about to say goodbye. The hardest part is when we look back at our lives, and the things we’d done during the past few months, and we don’t really see much change. We may even be looking back at the year with so much anger and hatred because we realize that there were more problems that arose rather than good memories.

So here’s the question we should all really ask ourselves: where is all this shit coming from? There are two answers. If you want the cynical answer, there’s only the world to blame. However, the truth is that the problem comes from within you.

Now, it’s about time you fix it and here’s where I suggest you start.


First of all, you have to stop waiting for a new year to actually start making some changes in your life. You’re only making excuses to not do anything about the misery you feel almost every day. You’ll be overwhelmed once you realize how short life truly is. You don’t want to look back when you’re older and see all the time you had to do everything you’ve ever wanted to but didn’t.


Stop complaining about everything. If you’re not happy about something in your life, stop wasting your time ranting to the universe about it. Instead, just find a solution right away. It’ll save you much more time and bitterness. The world’s already full of people filled with bitterness and rage, you don’t need to be one of them.


This one’s something I’d learned from one of my college professors, a few months ago, that’s changed my life forever; whenever you want to do or try something new, don’t let fear drive you. It might be something that you hear a lot, but unless you actually try doing something without letting your worries and excuses get in the way, you’ll begin to understand why a simple change in your mindset can change your entire life forever. His exact words were: “Is it certain? Of course not. However, it is possible.” So whenever you find yourself doubting your capabilities of getting something done, tell yourself that the certainty of getting it done may not be a hundred percent, but it is possible.


Keep your eyes opened for opportunities. These things can pass you by in a blink of an eye. Sometimes, you have to listen to your gut when taking these chances. Don’t let anyone talk you down, and stop being cynical about the worst-case scenarios. Besides, the worst thing that could happen is you living with the regret of not seizing the opportunity, for the rest of your life. Mistakes and bad experiences can always be taken as lessons in the end; it’ll help boost your confidence, trust me.


Fall in love… or don’t. Remember that the most important things in life are your family, your career, and your friends. These three things are always going to be with you, no matter what. My best friend had taught me this, after finding myself heartbroken at least four times this year. She told me that I had the power to control when and what kind of love enters my life, which is why I should stop being in a rush when finding it. Love is always going to be around the corner, we can always let it in once we’re ready.

The only way to change your life is to simply change the way you think or the way you act. Why don’t you try being more open and free-spirited for a change? We already have too many people trying to stop us from living the life we want. There are already way too many individuals around us giving in to society and its rules.

Go ahead and be one of the few who aren’t afraid to live differently. Stop living a miserable life and being a slave to today’s expectations. Work on yourself now; there’s no right time for it. Quit wasting the years. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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