To The Next Girl He Chooses, Here Is How You Must Love Him


I hope that, as soon as possible, you realize that you’re falling for him too. I had to break his heart once to realize how much he actually meant to me. Don’t make the same mistakes that I did.

Always remind him about the things he should prioritize. Sometimes, he gets too excited about something that he forgets about his appointments or that it’s a Sunday and has to spend time with his parents first. You shouldn’t be afraid to tell him off; he may be hard-headed, but he’ll understand that you’re only doing so because you’re looking out for him.

He drives on his ego and pride which means that, sometimes, you have to let your guards down to end the fight. You know what they say: it’s better to lose an argument than to lose the one you love. I’ve always tried to keep my pride higher than his, so apologizing despite having done nothing wrong was out of the question.

Be patient with him. He’s energetic, very opinionated, and can’t sit still most of the time. It won’t feel like you’re taking care of a kid, though. Most days, he’ll start ranting about politics, or the law, and such. So even if you feel like he’s speaking a completely different language, try to understand. You’ll learn so much from him, he’s insanely smart. It might be intimidating, but don’t worry too much. He’ll never expect you to match up to his level.

Remember to be patient on the days when he’s down too. A lot of things run through his head, and although it’s easy for him to talk about the world’s issues for hours, he doesn’t exactly know how to open up about his feelings. However, I think I’m the one to blame for that. He never had his walls so high up until I hurt him. I’ve tried to earn his trust back, but he just couldn’t give it. Take that as a warning. He doesn’t hesitate to leave when he feels like he’s being taken for a fool. Let him know he’s safe with you, as much as you can.

If you’re not proud to have him, let him go. He’s a very special guy, and if you’re unable to see his worth, or give him the kind of love he deserves, then leave. He’s going to give you his whole heart so if you think you won’t be able to take good care of it, don’t accept it. He’s in it for the long run and if you’re not then it’s best you let him find someone who is. He doesn’t deserve to be hurt again. Just keep in mind that if he trusts you, then he trusts you won’t ever break his heart. Should you be lucky enough, he’ll start opening up to you and that’s when you’ll begin to understand why he’s the way he is when it comes to relationships.

Loving him may seem like a difficult task. It sure was for me, but if you’re stronger than I was, you’ll be fine. Sharing a life with him will be a walk in the park. Just let him know that he will always have your full support.

So if you’re the next girl he falls in love with, think of it as if you’d just won the lottery. Take care of him and love him the way I didn’t. Hopefully, that isn’t too much to ask for. Soon enough, he’ll make you want to be the best version of you possible. That’s how great his impact in your life will be. I know because that’s how great he was to me.

Just don’t ever take it for granted, like I did. That is unless you want the regret of losing someone like him to haunt you for the rest of your life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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