Here I Am, Finally Ready to Love You

I want you to know that I’m tired. I’m tired of making mistakes, tired of running away from anyone who tries to give me something good in life, tired of being scared of growing, of growing with you. I’m tired of being afraid to love again and leaving whenever someone’s about to commit. I want you to know that I’m tired, and now I’m ready to love you.

I’m ready to open my heart up and love you in ways I know how to and more. I’m ready to give you my time and my effort, trusting that you’ll never take it for granted.

I’m ready to show you my vulnerability, absolutely sure that you won’t take advantage of it.

I’m going to love you on the days you can’t love yourself, I’m going to hold you up when things get rough and you begin to stumble on your own two feet. I’m going to love you on our best days when everything seems way too close to perfect and the only thing that matters becomes you.

Then I’m going to love you more on the darker days when the world makes you bitter and angry and all you need is a little warmth to feel like a human being again. I’m going to take your hand and bring you back on the right track when you begin to feel lost. I’ll always be by your side unless I have to take two steps forward to make sure the way is clear enough for you. I’m going to greet you every morning with a kiss, the one that’ll motivate you enough to push through another day and I’ll wait for you to get back so you can come home into my arms, where you can finally let your guard down after a long day of having to be strong. I’ll be your never-ending support system.

I want you to know that it’s not going to take a while at all for you to start seeing how much I love you. When I let my guard down, I won’t be able to stop loving anymore. So I want you to let me in, let me know how you like your coffee, tell me all the things that haunt your thoughts at night, let me meet the side of you that you’ve never wanted anyone else to see.

I promise that my heart will only beat for you if you allow it to. My love will be unlimited, unconditional, and it’s only going to know your name.

I want you to know that I’m ready to love again and I want to love you. I’m never going to make the same mistake and run away anymore. I’ve finally found something worth settling down for and that, my love, is you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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