She Gave Up Everything For The Guy That Gave Her Nothing

UUnsplash, Josue Bieri
UUnsplash, Josue Bieri

She gave up everything for you.

Her strength, her beliefs, her values.

With every forgiven act, she contradicted herself over and over again, because she believed in love more than she believed in herself.

With every test, only one thing remained constant – that she wanted to keep you in her life.

With every lie that was told, she was willing to believe you, even though the signs were clear.

She was willing to give you a chance, and she chose you every time, even though you didn’t deserve it.

Even though it was clear that you hadn’t even asked for it.

Even though it was obvious that you didn’t want it.

She still believed in you.

She believed in you, more than you had ever believed in yourself.

She believed that someday, if she didn’t try hard enough, you would regret the decision to allow everything to slip through your fingers.

Even in despair, she still wanted to save you from that.

She wanted to save you from the pain of losing someone who was willing to move mountains to be with you.

She wanted to save you from the people who would have been disappointed in you.

She wanted to save you from your kids who would eventually blame you.

She wanted to save you from the truth she would have to expose about you.

She wanted to hold on long enough — to fight for you the way she wanted you to fight for her.

But you didn’t.

You didn’t fight, because it was easier to pretend that you still cared.

It was easier to fake the smiles, the kisses, the affection.

It was easier to sleep in the same bed with your back always turned away from her.

It was easier to go through the motions, day by day, acting like you were still present.

It was easier for you to forget…

But she still remembers the type of woman she is.

The type who will never continue to settle for less than what she deserves.

The type who will forgive more than she should, but never more than she wants.

The type with a heart full of faith that is more solid than a rock and shines brighter than gold.

You can’t break diamonds.

Even if you tried, you could never break her. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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