3 Things Caitlyn Jenner Teaches Us About Society

Caitlyn Jenner, a newly transformed member of our society and previously known as Bruce Jenner, made her debut recently with a cover story in Vanity Fair. Caitlyn “broke the Internet” and a Guinness world record with her number of Twitter followers reaching over 1 million in just over four hours. President Obama previously held this record for reaching 1 million followers in nearly five hours. She is trending on all social media outlets and is being talked about in print and news sources alike. This overwhelming amount of media attention proves a few things to us about society.

1. We are curious.

As a society, we are eager to learn about new ideas and concepts that are unfamiliar to us. Caitlyn Jenner is sparking conversations and movements around the world. Whether you are in support of the transgender community or not, it can’t be denied that the topic is creating more conversations and buzz than ever before.

2. We are more aware.

As with any topic of conversation, the more it is talked about the more people there are that are aware of the issue. Caitlyn can be credited for the amount of awareness being brought to transgenderism and being transgender. She has ignited a social movement seeking transgender rights and affirming transgender pride. Though we still don’t know exactly how many individuals identify as transgender, the transgender community is growing.

3. We are more accepting.

I think it’s a safe assumption that if this news had broken 60 years ago, Caitlyn would have been shunned from society. People are becoming more interested in and accepting of transgenderism and this has opened the door to other topics of conversation such as religious beliefs, sexuality and politics surrounding trandgenderism. Though she has received her share of negative opinions and comments, she has also received an overwhelming amount of support from the world. She serves as a beacon of hope not only for transgender individuals, but also for those struggling with their sexuality and individuality. The message of Caitlyn is simply to accept yourself for who you are and that message is becoming more accepted within society, especially among millennials and younger generations.

The transformation of Caitlyn came as a shock to many, a comfort to some and outrage to others. No matter your religious, political or social beliefs it can’t be denied that Caitlyn has made a bold statement that we are acknowledging and taking part in as a society. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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