How To Live Through Your Heartbreak

Hold your breath for as long as you possibly can, until your chest feels weak and your head feels light. Now exhale for as long as you need to, feel the emptiness and the way it physically changes you to let go. Next notice how hard your heart beats after this process, how it pounds so hard that it might jump from your body again; understand that your heart still works exactly how it is supposed to. Know that you can still breathe even when it is so painful you think you never can again.

Write a song. Write a poem. Paint something. Create whatever you can, because all you will want to do is destroy and if you choose to do this you will regret it.

Do that thing that your ex-lover hated for you to do; maybe it’s wear bright red lipstick, maybe it’s talking to that one guy, maybe it’s listening to that band that drove them crazy, you know what it is; do it and love it. Rediscover the person you were before your life and their life were so intertwined. Remember that you will make it through this.

Stay in bed and cry, understand that you lost someone and it is okay to be crushed. Laugh, laugh so hard that you almost pee your pants, and remember that you can still enjoy life without them. Remember how nice it is to sleep alone, you hog those covers. Buy a new outfit and take yourself on a date, you deserve it. Understand that some moments it will hurt so bad that you can’t move and others you will barely feel a thing and both are completely okay.

Don’t avoid the places where they took you on dates or kissed you for the first time, go to them–reclaim them. Feel your strength in every moment that you don’t pick up the phone and call them. Sing love songs to your best friend. Realize that, that new friend you have looks really good today but be too nervous to tell them because unlike before, it could mean something now. Don’t drink yourself into a stupor or sleep with anyone who shows interest, it will only make it worse. Get a crush on someone who is the opposite of your ex.

Don’t give yourself too long to heal because this life moves quick and you cannot waste a second.

This will change you, this will define you, this will not end you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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